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Which Spy Camera Watch Should You Buy in 2019?

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Which Spy Camera Watch Should You Buy in 2019?


A spy camera watch is a discreet recording device that allows you to record video using your watch. The tiny camera is implanted in the watch and can be used whenever you want without having to take off the watch. Despite its small form factor, the camera is usually enhanced with advanced camera technologies that allow it to create high-res video recording and to benefit from other fancy camera features. If you find this kind of watch attractive, you may want to know which spy camera watch to buy in 2019.

What Features to Look for

When you want to buy a spy camera watch, there are several features that are considered crucial.

  1. Resolution

The most important feature is mostly camera resolution. What distinguishes a cheap smartwatch from a real spy camera watch is often its resolution. A true spy watch should be able to record video with HD resolution as its minimum resolution. Therefore, if a spy watch mentions low-resolution numbers like 240 pixels, 360 pixels, or even 480 pixels that are often considered decent, you may need to skip it and choose a spy watch with HD camera resolution.

  1. Storage

Another crucial feature to look for is the watch’s storage size. In 2019, the standard storage size for any devices that have the ability to record HD videos is 16 GB at the minimum. If the storage of your device is lower than that, you will have a problem keeping your recorded videos.

  1. Battery

The battery of your watch is considered a crucial yet problematic feature. On the one hand, you need a battery that lasts long enough when using the camera. However, because of the watch’s small size, the battery that it includes is mostly short-lived and needs to be recharged very often. A spy camera watch battery that is able to stay alive for about 2 hours when used for recording video is considered reasonable nowadays.

  1. Discreetness and Ease of Use

Because your camera watch is intended to be a spy camera, it must operate discreetly when recording videos. The camera aperture is usually hidden behind a pinhole on one of the watch’s hours marks. You should be able to activate the camera also discreetly, usually with a push of a button. This push of a button also makes the watch’s camera easy to use.

  1. Extra Features

Certain spy camera watch models offer some extra features, such as night-vision capability, extra connectivity options, and expandable battery. These extra features are mostly optional that you can enjoy for extra expenses. If you have them in your spy watch, they can make your spy camera recording activity more exciting.

Products You Can Buy in 2019

By understanding all the important features that you should check when buying a spy camera watch, you should know how to assess different products that are available today. There are actually three new models in 2019 that are worth highlighting.

  1. Lihaha

Despite its funny name, it is actually a fancy spy camera watch with many great features. From the outside, it appears like an ordinary watch with its sporty design. However, hidden under its dial is a camera that is capable of recording HD video with night-vision ability. Its 16-GB internal storage can be expanded with an external memory card for total storage space of up to 32 GB.

  1. Meibul

Meibul Wrist Watch Camera is another spy camera watch that you can buy in 2019. This watch includes a hidden camera that records HD videos at 30 frames per second, though it doesn’t support night-vision feature. This watch includes 16 GB of internal storage with no external storage option for expansion. Just like Lihaha watch, it has a USB slot that can be used for file transfer to a PC.

  1. LKcare

If you don’t like the classic look of the watch and prefer having a futuristic smartwatch that also includes calorie tracker and pedometer, LKcare Hidden Camera is a good choice. This spy camera watch includes a camera that records videos at very high resolution, up to 2560 x 1440p. Compared with the above two camera watches, its recorded video resolution is significantly higher. Its storage relies only on an external memory card up to 16 GB that is installed on it.

There are many great products if you are looking for a fancy spy camera watch in 2019. They generally offer quite similar features with the three models mentioned above. You can check the design and the extra features that a product offers in order to choose the best spy watch for you.