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Using Mobile Video Editing Apps in 2019

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Using Mobile Video Editing Apps in 2019


Should you use video editing apps on your smartphone? Why don’t you edit your video on PC? If mobile video editing is a worthy task, which app should you use? Those are some questions that most people ask when they want to use their smartphone to edit video. Here we will try to answer them and to see which apps are the most helpful and useful when it comes to using a smartphone to edit video.

Why Should You Use a Smartphone to Do Video Editing?

Almost everyone agrees that a PC is the most convenient tool to edit video. With a much bigger RAM, a much faster processor and GPU, a much more spacious storage unit, a much wider screen, and a much more advanced audio system, a PC has all essential requirements for editing video. Why should you use your smartphone and mobile video editing apps to edit your video? There are at least five reasons why using a smartphone can be a better decision.

A smartphone is more widely available.

Almost everyone has a smartphone as an integral part of their communication and social life, but a PC—despite its pervasiveness—is not something that everyone has. You are more likely to have a smartphone than to have a PC.

Smartphones are getting better.

Smartphones are getting better and more powerful. Smart devices with higher resolution, a bigger RAM, and a more powerful processor are becoming more and more available on the market. They are capable to run professional-grade video editing apps with features comparable to those of a PC.

A smartphone has a built-in camera.

One big advantage of using a smartphone to edit video is that smartphone has a built-in camera that is available all the time. With a PC, you have to shoot your image and video using a separate camera, transfer the captured image to your PC, and edit it using your PC. With a smartphone, these three complicated steps can be amalgamated into one simple step. You can shoot your videos and then edit them in your video editing apps, or shoot your videos immediately from within the apps.

A smartphone is portable.

The portability of a smartphone offers a great advantage for video editing enthusiasts. When you visit some beautiful place, you can shoot a lovable image and then edit it immediately. With the right video editing apps, you can share your edited video immediately on your favorite social media channels.

A smartphone is a good companion for PC.

Even if you use a PC to edit your video, you still need a smartphone as your PC’s companion. You can use the smartphone if you don’t have a camera and you can see your published video through your smart phone’s screen to see how your video appears on a smaller screen. Remember that many of your video viewers are smartphone users.

Which Video Editing Apps to Use?

There are so many great video editing apps available for download and use. When hunting for a reliable video editing app, you should be wary because some free apps may not be free as they say. Some free apps may add watermark to the finished video or have an interface that is laden with ads. Certain video editing apps may require you to pay in order to unlock their advanced features. Here are five great apps that you can use to edit videos on your smartphone.

Adobe Premiere Clip

This free app is good due to its basic video editing features and constant support from Adobe. More advanced features require you to buy its Pro counterpart.


Quik is developed by GoPro, the maker of the famous adventuring camera. What is great about this app is that it is 100% free, with all features unlocked since the first time you use this app.


if you are an iPhone or Mac user, iMovie is one of the best video editing apps that you can use for free. It offers many great features and it is available in all Apple hardware devices.


KineMaster is perhaps one of the easiest video editing apps to use. It features a simple and intuitive interface that you can easily understand the first time you see it. Free version adds watermark to the finished video. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy all the pro features.


VivaVideo is a generous app that provides you with tons of effects even if you are using the free version. Through the in-app purchases, you can gain access to hundreds of more effects to be added to your video