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Types of Advertisements used in The Market

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Types of Advertisements used in The Market


Be it in the online or real world, when selling a product, advertising or advertisement is a must. This is because it could increase the amount of selling, which will lead to more benefits and money to the product owner. To adapt to various media available in the market and the abundance of products or services offered by a company or a person, there are several types of advertisement that are commonly used. Here are the common advertisement types you probably see in real life or online.

Commercial Advertisement

Just like the name said, this type of advertisement is solely made for commercial purposes. The goal of this advertising is to do hard selling by exposing a brand, service, or product to the potential customers so that they will use or buy the offered product. There are a lot of commercial advertising examples such as vehicle advertisements, food advertisements, barbershop advertisements, and many more.

Public Service Announcements

An advertisement produced or published by the government or public service is often time considered as an announcement instead of an advertisement, although the purpose is quite similar. The goal of the announcement is to get people to do actions through invitation, stimulus, or appeal. The announcement will try to affect people to give support or joining a certain campaign made by the government or public agencies. The examples of the announcement are a safe driving advertisement, animal and forest advertisement, and many more.

Printed Advertisement

The name of the advertisement explains all. This advertisement is made in a printed form such as brochures, magazines, newsletter, or posters. This advertisement is very reliant to the available space because a piece of paper may not be able to include every detail of service of the product. This type of advertisement has two sub-types, which are row and column advertisement. The sub-branches have less space like what you see in yellow pages.

Advertorial Advertisement

The advertorial advertisement is a type of advertisement that is made similar to news using journalistic language to attract people’s attention. Unlike the row and column advertisements that you see in a newspaper, the advertorial advertisement will let you engage an enticing, educational, and entertaining story. In the middle of the story, you will see a soft-selling advertisement related to the article. To make the article looks credible, the writer often uses facts and photos to make the story believable and hoping that the product or service put in the article will attract some interest.

Display Advertisement

Display advertising is a type of advertisement commonly used in social media or online websites. This modern advertisement type can use various types of medium to promote a product or service ranging from various text formats, images, audio, and even video to further attract the interest of anyone who sees it. Display advertisement is often times used by influencers in social media through a post of video or photo that resemble a certain product or service.

Electronic Advertisement

Electronic advertisement is considered as the pinnacle of advertisement types because it is the most used advertisement until today. This is because various elements can be used to further enhance the impact made by the advertisement. Various elements in an electronic advertisement are ranging from sounds, text formats, filming technique (in TV and Internet), video editing, and even the person who use the service or product in the advertisement. Some people also believe that this type of advertisement is the most effective because it has a bigger impact and can be accessed by almost anyone. Because of these benefits, the making of an electronic advertisement will require a lot of budgets starting from hiring the talent, editing service, and paying a TV station to make the advertisement shown in the TV.

Corporate Advertisement

The corporate advertisement might be the least attractive advertisement because it usually attracts a specified class of society. The purpose of this advertisement is to build a good and positive image to a corporate or company. When the company has good images to the public, then it will be easier for them to launch a service or product. This is because, through the eyes of the public, the company already has a good image so they tend to believe that every service or product the company launch would be a good one. Aside from that, it could also act as a call to action of doing something good. For example, a mineral water company that launched a campaign to build water sources in remote areas. Among all the types of advertisement above, the corporate advertisement is the only advertisement that benefits a company indirectly.