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Top Five Video Editing Applications in 2019

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Top Five Video Editing Applications in 2019


Video editing becomes a necessary skill for virtually everyone regardless of their career. Video has become a mainstream tool for disseminating information, advertising, educating, learning. Fortunately, video editing applications are now widely available and they actually offer intuitive interface and functionalities that are easy for everyone to learn and use. Given the fact that people still prefer using a PC with its larger screen and more powerful machine to using a smartphone when editing videos, here we will show you the five best video editing applications that you can use in 2019.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere is often regarded as the industry standard in the video making business. It is a feature-laden application that offers the most complete features, including over a hundred effects, tens of transition effects, and advanced video editing features like 360-video and text-to-speech. Adobe Premiere Pro CC, just like other Creative Cloud applications, is indeed a subscription-based application; however, if you calculate the subscription cost thoroughly, the total price you pay for this application is not actually significantly higher than that of the CS version.

  • Pros
    • Complete professional video editing tools
    • A big library of video effects
    • Direct burning to DVD and Blu-ray and direct export to social media and video sharing websites
  • Cons
    • Subscription-based payment
    • Not suitable for beginners

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel is often considered Adobe’s main rival. In the video editing industry, Corel VideoStudio Pro can actually be called a good match for the Premiere. It offers all advanced features that Adobe Premier offers, with the exception of audio recording and text-to-speech features. It does offer fewer video effects, with only about 60 effects compared with Premiere’s over a hundred ones; however, it does offer a much larger number of transition effects. Corel VideoStudio Pro is also one of the best video editing applications to use if you prefer one-time payment instead of subscription-based payment.

  • Pros
    • Professional video editing tools at your disposal
    • A big library of transition effects
    • Direct DVD and Blu-ray burning and direct web exports.
  • Cons
    • Trial version with very limited features
    • Only 1 video track

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is among the best-rated video editing applications due to several reasons. Firstly, it is a small application to download (67 megabytes of download size) that runs perfectly on an old PC with only 256 megabytes of RAM. Secondly, you can download, install, and use it for free. The free version of this application already includes all professional tools to create a high-quality video. Lastly, in order to enjoy the pro features, including chroma key and masking tool, you only need to pay a one-time payment of $20.

  • Pros
    • Cheap and lightweight
    • Simple and intuitive interface with large buttons
    • Plenty of professional video editing features
  • Cons
    • Ads showing up on the free version
    • Effects and transitions that are difficult to implement

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the most frequently used video editing applications because it offers intuitive interface and functionalities that beginners can use with ease but also with a professional-grade result that seasoned video makers love. This application offers tons of effects that you can download within the application. Because video editing job is a time-consuming job, you will love its switchable dark/light interface, which soothes your eyes depending on the environment you are working in.

  • Pros
    • Easy and intuitive interface
    • Tons of effects in the library
    • Light/dark interface
  • Cons
    • Effects that are not readily available and require a download before use
    • An audio timeline that is not separated from the video timeline

OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor is great for an obvious reason: it is open-source and it is free. There is no trial version and there is no hidden payment. All features are free since the first time you use this application. You also get a complete set of video editing tools in this app. There are tons of effects and transitions available and you can even create a fancy intro video with this application, although you need to install Blender, a 3D editing app, to enable this feature. OpenShot Video Editor is also one of the best cross-platform video editing applications that you can use both on Windows and Linux.

  • Pros
    • Free and open-source
    • Complete set of video editing tools that include intro video maker
    • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Cons
    • Intro video making requiring Blender with its long rendering time
    • Transition effects that are not very fancy