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The Goal and Purposes of Making an Advertisement

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The Goal and Purposes of Making an Advertisement


In making an advertisement, there should be a clear goal and purposes so that the money spent on the advertisement won’t go to waste. Instead, the advertisement is made so that a company or person will get a better benefit from the advertised product or service they own. Therefore, having good planning and execution are crucial if you want to make an advertisement for a certain product or service.

The purposes of an advertisement

When you plan to make an advertisement you have to set clear goals so that the advertisement can be understood by the people while at the same time, attract them to buy or use your service or product. You should underlie these several purposes of advertisement so that you can include everything needed for a good advertisement.

The first is to inform people about the product or service you want to advertise. The information should be crystal clear and easy to understand so that people will get what you mean through the advertisement.

Once people understand the advertisement and know the needed information then, you should try to persuade them to use your service or product. There are several ways to persuade people to use or buy your product. You can use influencers or celebrities as a talent in your advertisement. You can also try to offer people with interesting promos such as free products or discounted prices. There are many ways to attract people to get your product, so you should do research first to get the most beneficial method to persuade people who see your advertisement.

Once you have informed and persuaded people about the product, then the next is to remind them about your product. There are several ways to make people remember your product ranging from catchy words, flashy fonts and text formats, unique video editing, and many more. It depends on what media you use for your advertisement.

The next thing is to give additional values to your product or service. Provide interesting facts about your product or service so that people will be more interested to get one. You can also demonstrate the usage of your product or service so people will understand the value of it.

The goal of an advertisement

Informing people about a new service or product is the main goal of creating an advertisement. As mentioned before, getting into details about the information of your product or service is critical. Therefore, people will know if the product is useful to them or not.

An advertisement also can be used as a media to improve the image of a company, brand, or service. By creating a good image, people will be more convinced about anything you will launch later in the future, be it a product, a service, or even an event to increase the sales of your product or service. Make sure that you create a positive advertisement so that it can be well-accepted by the public.

The advertised product or service should be able to convince people through facts and interesting real stories. By using facts and real stories, your advertisement will be more believable and people can judge is your product or service worth to buy or not.

When you create an advertisement, you should put in mind that the goal is to let people know about the specification and details about your product or service. So, you should put stuff like price, benefits, and functions of your product or service as persuasion tool towards anyone who sees the advertisement.

Characteristics of an advertisement

To get better engagement and attract more interest, you should pay attention to the characteristics of an advertisement. The first is to use a logical, accurate, and proper choice of words. This will depend on the target of your product. Fit the language with your target so that it will be more acceptable and relatable to the potential customers.

Then, using suggestion words is a must if you want to create an impactful advertisement. Suggestion words will indirectly attract anyone who sees the advertisement. Of course, a company would prefer using a hard-selling method with a blatant call to action. But, this might be annoying to most people. Instead, using the soft-selling method and approach and gently get the mind of the potential customers will be more acceptable and thus, your product or service would be used by a lot of people.

Don’t forget to use striking or unique words to highlight the main information about your product or service. For example, if your product has a better looks compared to your competitors, then you should focus the wording around the looks of your product. Try to exploit the biggest advantage of your product or service to the public as much as you can using interesting choices of the word in making an advertisement.