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Starting blogging and know how to make money blogging

Blogging Business

Starting blogging and know how to make money blogging


Blogging becomes new marketing tools that recently popular in today.  Such as the advanced innovation on the internet, there are many entrepreneurs that use potential marketing from blogging. Not only use the blogging as marketing, but also blog as a home business in and on itself.

Blogging and reasons that make it popular as marketing tools

Initially, blogging is a personal web blog, which can be a journal from a person about their daily story or journey. From the term “weblog” it came to the term “blog”. There are several reasons why blogging becomes popular for entrepreneurs.

•    The Search Engine loves to new content and blogging becomes a great tool for SEO.

•    Blogging is easy ways for keeping the customer and potential clients to always up to date with what going on and allows them to know about new promotion and deals, and sometimes provide useful tips. More customers come to your blog, the more money you earn.

•    The built blog allows users to build trust and rapport with the prospects clients. It also built credibility and expertise especially when people can post their comments and interact with you.

•    Blogging is portable and flexible.

•    Blogging can earn money. Along with products and service you promote, blogs can generate incomes from others such as affiliate products and advertisement.

What are the downsides from blogging? Besides its popularity deals as it works great as marketing tools and creates money, there are some downsides from starting blogging.

•    It spends too much time. To make your blogs effective in SEO and engage your readers, it will need to be updated regularly. The success from blogging measured when your audience returns and they only come back if there is new stuff come to read.

•    You always need ideas to write. To keep new content publish regularly, you will need ideas to write about. The good news, you can hire writers or freelancers to write for you.

What is the difference between the website?

Many people are still confused with blog and website. There are 2 main features of a blog that set it apart from the conventional website.

1.    Blogs usually updated frequently.

2.    Blogs allow engagement with their readers.

How to start your blogging

1.    Set up your blog site.

In order to make money from blogging, you need to make a blog first. It is a pretty obvious as it also stumbling block for many newbie bloggers to starts with few ideas to blogging and no technical background.  

2.    Start creating your blog content that useful for the reader.

The blog is not a blog if it does not have content, therefore after you have done set up your blog, it is time for creating content for your reader. The topic of content that you want to create is depended to

The key when you create content ensures that it is as useful as possible. Focus on creating content that will change the people life’s way as it will be a content that people will value it most and help people to live to feel as they like and trust to you which it will lead you on create money from your blogging.

3. Start finds your reader to increase the traffic.

As you create useful content for your reader then it is easy for you to spend your time to build your blog and get insular with the focus you create. If you want to earn money from your blog you should not only focus on building your blog but also start to get off from your blog and start to promote your blog. There are many methods that you can apply for build your reader and visitor in your blog. Start by thinking carefully about what type of reader that you want in your blog.

4. Make your reader engage with your blog after visiting your blog.

While you focus upon create great content for your blog and find readers for your blog audience, you also need to start noticing the people that visiting your blog and make them always engage with the content in your blog.  In this point, you need to switch your focus to engage with the readers you have and build the community. Responds to any comments, and reach out to the readers in personal ways and do everything that you can do for keeping them to back again and build a sticky blog that interests them to visit again and again.

5. Start to create money from the readership that you have built by corporate one or more of income streams method.

After the first 4 steps beyond from starting a blog, create content, find the readers and build engagement with readers becomes the important foundation that you need to get in the place before you start to build long term income for blogging. With these foundations settled for your blog, you are able to start attempt money from a blog.

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