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Stairway to Heaven: How to Climb Up Your Career Ladder Fast and Steady


Stairway to Heaven: How to Climb Up Your Career Ladder Fast and Steady


During your work life, one of the things you want the most must be a job promotion. Going forward in their office is everyone’s dream, since getting promoted means you are advancing to have a higher social status in your life. As more responsibilities you are added to your luggage, it is also followed by better pay cheque every month. Not only that, your job might be even more meaningful and challenging. For example, as a mere worker you only need to manage yourself, but once you are promoted, you are obliged to look after your team as the leader to do a better job day by day. You will have the power and the delight of maintaining your own subordinates. However, moving up does not happen that smoothly as you need to step up the game. Studies show that people in general take 2-5 years for it, and some others need more years for it. Here are a few tips and tricks of how to climb up your career ladder fast and steady!

1. Look for the Right Company

First thing first you need to do before you sign up, you need to run a background check on that company. Is it one that gives out a job promotion quite easily? Do they have a long-term benefit once you are able to get the promotion? If the company you are currently working at is not one that is promotion-friendly, you might need to reconsider it once more. You can take a look around at the people around you, such as your boss. If they do not seem to be moving and there is no other slots open for another position for you, then you might want to have another company as your backup plan or backburner.

Logically, in every guide of how to climb up your career ladder fast and steady, institutions that have developed have more opportunities to offer than a smaller company, since they need more workers and thus, there are more positions available. However, you also need to watch out, how many competitors you need to beat with your skills in order for you to climb up? Thus, you need to know what kinds of promotions are there in your company, all the process you need to go through–do you need to tackle here and there and bleed so much for it?–as well as the assurance they will give to you if you retire.

2. Build Your Own Network Web

You cannot deny that even work life has many favoritism. If you observe the people close to you, you might find out that those who get promoted faster are the ones who can blend it well and have many connections. Once a person is able to adjust themselves in many circumstances, the more stand out they look like. Not only that, carefully choose your own persons to hang around with. Many experts state that the law of association holds the key of success. If you want to be more skilled, spend your time together with smart people in your office so their expertise will rub off on you. If you want to be an excellent team leader or manager, make sure you talk a lot with a competent manager. In other words, throughout the daily conversation and interaction, make notes of the good habits they are doing regularly, and copy it. One thing you must to keep in mind, copying does not mean to kill your own self and personality, of course, you can shine on your own. This can be one of the most efficient ways of how to climb up your career ladder fast and steady, for your environment will also help you to be a fighter, the winner amongst all. Do not associate yourself with those who can only protest and whine about their work, because their laziness might also rub off on you in time.

3. Let Yourself Shine

Last but not least, make sure your goals are known by your boss. If possible, be vocal and induce yourself in many discussions with your managers or seniors. You can start from sharing your ideas with them, if what you share is brilliant, they will notice you faster than they would to anyone else. However, do not forget to be polite and civil throughout the way. Do not show off too much in every occasion like a sore thumb. Sometimes when you try harder, you will look like you are threatening others, and it might bring negative feedbacks from your colleagues if you appear to be too dominant. Try to play it classy and smooth, you never want to be the sacrificial lamb to throw down the bus or the public’s enemy, right? You can keep it low while at the same time make your leaders know what are your intentions. You can ask them about the step you need to take in order to achieve your goals, but you have to do it respectfully so nobody will feel offended

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