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Some Common Mistakes in Advertising

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Some Common Mistakes in Advertising


Marketing your business will not end up giving you a satisfying result if you only rely on one strategy. You also need to use various different media in order to succeed in marketing your business. The most used media that is said to be one of the most effective for promoting products in this digital era is social media. However, advertising through social media is not as simple as many people think. There are still many entrepreneurs and businessmen who did some mistakes in promoting their products. Thus, in this article, we will help you avoid the same thing by providing information about some common mistakes in advertising.

Not setting clear goals

Before creating advertisements on social media that promote your products, you should first find out what the purpose of the advertisement you will make is. Do you merely want to increase the sales? In addition to increasing sales, you should make broader goals. It is pretty hard for us to make an appealing advertisement when we do not even know what the goal is. Of course, the content of the advertisement must be in accordance with the objectives to be carried out.

Using Too Many “Words”

Writing down the advertisement’s tagline by using too many words will not have a positive impact on the sale of your product. According to research, people’s focus when seeing an advertisement only lasts about eight seconds. Therefore, before posting the advertisement, you should first check and reread the draft that you have made, and remove the unnecessary words. Do not let your prospective customer go away before reading the main message of your advertisement.

Not adjusting the advertisement to certain platforms

Not all advertisements in social media are created equally. Every social network has different needs and specifications for ads that want to be posted. We can optimize the advertisements by adjusting them to the platform we use. Thus, you should decide first what platform to use and then think about what type of device that will be used.

Using the Wrong Pronoun

The focus of marketing is on the Prospective Buyers. Therefore, in making an advertisement, you should not overuse the words “I, We, Our Company, Ours”. Instead, you should change them with the pronouns “You, Your Own, For You, etc. “.  There will be nobody cares about you or your company. What they care is how good and useful the products you have for them. Therefore, if your message only talks about your greatness or your company, then you will likely fail to draw your potential customers’ attention.

Not monitoring the ongoing advertisements

After creating an advertisement, you still need to know how your ads affect the market and to check whether or not it is successful. If you do not monitor the advertisement you have posted previously, you will end up wasting a lot of money to advertise your business or product. When monitoring advertisements, you have to make decisions quickly every time they are needed. It is important to update a new advertisement which is in accordance with market needs.

Not knowing how to reach the target audience effectively

Creating a target audience will make it easy for you to determine the content of an advertisement to be posted. Appropriate content will increase the likelihood of conversion to sales. You should create a strategy with the information that you have about who your audience is.

Not planning a budget

It is very important to plan what budget will be spent on your business. You can make a budget plan and manage it with these tips:

  1. Create columns for the budget allocation and compared them to one column for the realization of the advertisement.
  2. Create spreadsheets for all types of advertisements that you post on social media
  3. Update the spreadsheet consistently

Using Passive Sentences

Writing the right and effective marketing articles are not as easy as people think. The use of appropriate sentences can encourage someone to take action or purchase. However, many people mistakenly using passive sentences in advertising their products, so they fail to invite prospective customers to buy. Passive sentences will make prospective buyers only think of the object. But in the active sentence, they will feel as if they are invited to act.

Knowing the most common mistakes in advertising your business might be useful to help you maximize the performance of your social media campaign. In addition to running marketing campaigns on social media, other media that are still effective to use our e-mail. Email marketing is still considered as another effective business medium that must be continuously developed. It can bring you closer to customers and increase the conversion of product sales online.