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Six Career Pitfalls that You Should Avoid in 2019

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Six Career Pitfalls that You Should Avoid in 2019


No matter how smooth and stable your career is, it is never free from potential pitfalls and challenges. As a professional, your job is not only to ensure your career progress, but also to avoid all pitfalls that may cause a problem to your career and even ruin it. There are six career pitfalls that you should beware now in 2019.

Failing to Push Yourself

You have a comfortable and stable career and you are so happy with it that you fail to push yourself by making and accomplishing new challenges and by improving your skills. Remember that coasting is not good for your career. You will not keep your job forever because it will eventually end and your current skills will become obsolete. If you don’t push yourself, you will encounter an inevitable disaster when you finally have to leave your job or if your job requires you to have new skills. Even if your current career appears stable, keep pushing yourself because you don’t know what you will encounter in the future.

Too Occupied with the Details

If you are too busy with your career, you will be engrossed in the details so much that you will miss the big picture. Remember that every small element of your career is an essential part of a bigger framework. Every small goal that you want to achieve is at the end dedicated to one big goal and every job is a building block for a bigger enterprise. Seeing the big picture is important to make sure that your career is properly and efficiently planned. It is the big picture that determines how each small element is accomplished and becomes a corroborating element for your career. Always reflect on the big picture of your career whenever you want to take care of every detail of it.

Too Much Doubt about Yourself

The most important element of your career is you. If you cannot trust yourself and if you are always doubtful about you, your skills, and your ability to make achievements, no one will trust you. Your career must be based on your confidence and independence in making decisions. Make the right career decisions confidently and reasonably and you will advance in your career. Don’t let anyone or anything, including yourself and your self-doubt, in your way to make achievements. Improve your skills and expand your social network if new skills and social circle are needed to make you feel confident about yourself.

Being an Unreasonable Job Hopper

Many people think that their current career is not their best one and that their neighbor’s grass is always greener. Feeling unsatisfied about your job and getting ambitious about finding a new job is not always an unhealthy attitude. It is considered healthy because all people want their life to improve from time to time. However, if this attitude makes you become a job hopper with no clear purpose of what you actually want to achieve, it is definitely an unhealthy attitude. Assess your current career and find out any achievements that you can make while you are still having it. Sometimes, making new achievements will change your opinion about your career. If you think that you have reached the limit, think about expanding your career. If you finally decide to move, do it strategically by doing research on the new career before getting into it.

If necessary, make a smooth move between your current career and the new one. Don’t burn the bridge by insulting your old career and everyone involved in it because you never know if you will finally be forced to return to your old career.

Wasting Your Energy and Time

The reason why you need to move to a new workplace is that you believe that your current career no longer gives significant benefits to the quality of your life. If your conviction is based on sound reasons, staying on your current career might not be a good idea because you may be wasting your energy and time for something that gives you nothing.

Too Occupied with Your Career

The more devoted you are to your career, the more successful you will be; however, if you become so occupied with your career that you forget about your life, you will miss many valuable things in your life. Maintain a perfect balance between your professional life and your life. Spend enough time with your family and friends and take some rest whenever needed. Remember that the goal of your career is to achieve something, and if you cannot enjoy the thing that you have achieved, what is the real value of your career then?