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Low-cost Marketing Tips for you to follow

Business Marketing

Low-cost Marketing Tips for you to follow


There are several low-cost marketing tips that you can do to help your company become better, bigger, and more profitable. Now, most businesspersons would be puzzled when they need to have effective marketing, but simply do not have too much money to do so. If a budget is one of your issues when creating an effective marketing strategy for your company, then, you do not need to worry any longer since this article will have all of the things you need!

  1. Create and publish top-notch contents

The first thing that you need to do in order to be able to market your products without excessive costs is that you should create and publish high-quality contents. Well, the importance of having great contents is actually very well-known by most of us, but we are putting this one anyway. Well, if you are able to create them by yourself, then, it would be absolutely wonderful since why pay if you can do it for free! It is true; free is always better! Alright, maybe, writing is not your thing since it is not your field of expertise, but it would not be too difficult for most of us to get a person who is able to put some ideas as articles in your blog. You can try to write some ideas like best tips (like this article!), top ten trends, or any other ideas which are related to what your company has.

  1. Make some interesting videos

The next thing you need to do is still related to content making and in this case, you will need to create some interesting videos to publish. Although it may cost pretty high to produce YouTube videos with professional quality, it is always worth doing since having video contents is very valuable. It is not a bad idea to create a video by yourself; or, if you do not want to get too busy, then, you can spend some to hire a film student (students usually do not ask for too much). Oh, by the way, if you could use some free software to enable you creating videos, then, you would have no problem since you can find one easily on Google. Also, the video you create should be instructional videos since they have the highest value on the internet.

  1. Make use of social network websites

Another one of the low-cost marketing tips is that you should understand the importance of social media since it may be able to help you to market your products without any difficulties. To be savvy social network user is a good thing to be since it enables you to create accounts for professional business in several social media sites that are considered to be the most influential; for example, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. Oh, by the way, if your business values images and graphics highly, then, it is recommended that you create an Instagram account as well. Having several accounts for business purposes surely would come in handy!

  1. Create some eye-catchy infographics

Before we start discussing this part, do you realize how powerful infographics are as tools for marketing? Well, to answer that: they are extremely powerful. The reason why they are powerful marketing tools is that they have interesting designs that are eye candy. Besides, infographics are usually easy to comprehend for most people, and there is a trend among netizens to share interesting infographics around their acquaintances. Therefore, if you wish to increase the referral traffics you have and to promote your links, then, they are a good choice! Well, it can be expensive to make one since you need to hire expert graphic designers, therefore, you might want to use some graphics software to help you.

  1. Use e-mail for marketing

This tip will come in handy, especially for those who are severely restricted to their budget. In order to get new visitors for having an engagement with your business, then, you can use your e-mail as a way to market the products that your company is offering- you can have your new visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and you can offer them interesting bonuses for subscribing, like a free e-book to create your own apple pie or anything you would like to offer. You can keep bringing information to your subscribers via e-mail until they are settled to become premium customers. However, this kind of way is not only good for new customers since you can maintain a good relationship with older customers by using the e-mail to subscribe. Well, those are the low-cost marketing tips!