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iRobot’s Robotic Appliances that You Can Have at Home Now

Robotic Technology

iRobot’s Robotic Appliances that You Can Have at Home Now


Smart devices, robots, artificial intelligence, internet of things, all technologies that you can reach today allow you to enjoy robotic assistance that takes care of all of your annoying chores and makes your life easier and more convenient. The robot that is so far only a part of science fiction now shows up at your doorstep, ready to serve you in many unimaginable ways. Of all manufacturers of robotic appliances that run their business today, iRobot is perhaps the most dedicated manufacturer of robots for household uses. If you want to enjoy an easier, more convenient, and more exciting life with a robot as your assistant, here are some of the best iRobot’s robotic appliances that you can actually have at home now.

iRobot’s Vacuum and Mop

No matter how often you sweep, vacuum, and mop your home, it will always be dirty, especially if you live with your children and pets at home. House cleaning has always been an annoying task, even for people who are diligent enough to keep their home clean. With iRobot’s products, which include Roomba and Braava models, among others, you can forget about this annoying task. Your house will always be clean even if you never touch your broom, mop, and vacuum cleaner. iRobot’s cleaners are small circular robots that will roam around your house, sucking dirt and dust that stands in their way. The sensor that this robot vacuum has allows it to “read” the layout of your room and to make sure that every inch of the floor is properly cleaned. Even if your room is full of furniture pieces, this robot can handle all obstacles properly by smartly taking the most efficient paths to have the entire surface of the floor clean.


Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

With Roomba and Braava, you can keep the interior of your home clean all the time. Now, what about your patio and outdoor spaces? With Robomow, another iRobot’s product, you don’t have to worry anymore about overgrown weeds and everything that makes your lawn look unsightly. Like Roomba and Braava, Robomow has the capability to roam around your lawn, cutting tall grass and weeds that stand on its way. Robomow may not be as powerful as the ordinary gasoline-powered mower; however, because its operation involves virtually zero manual handlings, you don’t have to worry about its power. Just plan its schedule and you can have your lawn sheared while enjoying a peaceful coffee time.



Do you know what the worst thing about having a barbeque party is? Cleaning the grill. The stubborn fat, grime, and burnt meat that are stuck in the grill make cleaning the grill a chore that you always want to avoid. Sadly, you should never skip this important task because uncleaned grill may cause rust, damage, and health risk. If you have Grillbot, another iRobot’s product that you also must have, you don’t have to deal with this nasty and annoying task. Grillbot’s form factor is very much similar to Roomba and Braava. The only difference is that it includes metal bristles that rub even the most stubborn dirt and grime excellently. You can use this robotic appliance not only to clean your grill, of course. If stubborn dirt and grime are also found on your patio or kitchen floor, you can always use this robot to take care of them.


Scooba Scrubber

If you are dealing with a dirty floor, Grillbot can be a good helper; however, Grillbot, as the name implies, is designed more specifically to clean grills and grates. To clean floor, iRobot’s Scooba should do the job much better. Scooba functions like Roomba and Braava in that it roams around a particular area in and around your home and scrubs away the most stubborn dirt and grime that stick to the floor. Scooba works well in indoor areas that are enclosed by walls, but its best performance is achieved when it works at places that are not confined by walls. The infrared sensors that come with this product allow you to create virtual walls to enclose the area that you want this scrubber to clean.


Mirra Swimming Pool Cleaner



Another annoying household chore that you have to do regularly is cleaning your swimming pool. An uncleaned swimming pool is not only disgusting but also dangerous and unhealthy. Cleaning it means removing floating debris, submerged particles, and scrubbing the entire surface of its floor and walls. If you have neither the time and the enthusiasm to clean your swimming pool, let Mirra help you. This iRobot’s swimming pool offers more advanced features compared with Verro, its predecessor. Mirra can make sure that your swimming pool is always clean and ready to use.