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Inspirations to Make Cute and Unique Mobile Phone Cases

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Inspirations to Make Cute and Unique Mobile Phone Cases


Do you want to have a new mobile casing but a limited budget? Calm down, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to have a cute and unique mobile phone case because you can make it yourself.

This time, this article will review how to make a simple cellphone casing that will add to your appearance when carrying a cellphone.

Previously, you need to prepare the materials that will be needed, such as cell phones (smartphones), paper, gel pens, scissors, ribbons, stickers, and others.

Well, below are some ideas for the mobile phone casings that you can emulate, good luck.

Cellphone motif with marble motif

Just use a gel pen and make a few uneven lines. Then wipe a little using your hands to create an abstract impression. Wait until it is dry and can be used.

Paint Splash Effect

Cover the case with paper or newspaper

Squeeze some ink colors towards the case naturally

Leave it to dry

Beautify with Paste Donut Pictures

Search and print your favorite images according to the size of the case

Scissors follow the shape of the image

Paste on the casing using adhesive

Use Stickers

Making a cell phone casing with stickers is an easy way because you can just look for some cool stickers that will be taped to your cellphone’s soft case. Follow the steps below.

Buy a sticker with the shape and motif as you wish and adjust the size with the cellphone case

Scissors neatly follow the shape of the sticker

Paste on the back of the case

Image Design for Transparent HP Silicon

Design your own images that you like or search on Google

Combine with colored backgrounds or according to your creations

Print according to the size and shape of the case

Place it inside the transparent casing

Printed case

Emoticon, motives, even your favorite brand logo can also be a design for your phone case, dear! Look for emoticon images or any motives that you want to make designs in HD resolution, Print with photo paper, folio cardboard or if it doesn’t exist, any HVS paper can also be an option. Stick with strong clear glue to the inside of your phone. yeah! Your favorite printed case is ready!

Phone Case Button

To do this DIY, you need gun glue, your favorite buttons, and clear nail polish to give a glowy effect to your buttons. Stick colored buttons on the surface of your cellphone using gun glue. Then only for finishing, apply clear polish on the surface of the button. Just thin girls!

Pressed flower

You need a thick book, 2 sheets of paper, your favorite flowers, glue, and a clear phone case. To make pressed flowers, open your thick book in the middle, place one sheet of paper, then put the flower you want to press. Then put the paper again and then close your book tightly. For better results, you can also squeeze your book with a full bottle of water. Then after you pressed the flowers, you just put it on your clear phone case with glue.

Give a small beetle to the transparent cellphone case.

this creation can make your cell phone’s original case become more unique. The method is easy, you only need to prepare 2 markers which are red and black. Then you can draw beetles according to the amount you want.

Rainbow pattern from colorful poles

Having a lot of nail polish can make your creation decorate your HP case to be more diverse. One of them is by changing your old HP case into a colorful rainbow like this. The bright color of the cellphone case will certainly keep you excited when you see it. Make this case too easy, you just arrange the red, yellow, green, in the blue sky like a song in the past. So yeah!

Quote from white poles

The plain case is indeed simple and easy to see. But, if you try to give inspirational writings in the HP case, you might get a lot of positive ideas that make you more productive. So, immediately write inspiring words in the HP case using colorful nail polish.

Tie-dye phone case

The method is quite easy. You only need a clear gel case phone, rainbow color acrylic paint, and a plastic bag. Pour a little paint in your gel case phone and make sure that none of the same colors is poured too close together. Then put the plastic on the phone case that has been smeared with color and press until the colors are mixed irregularly, forming the Tie Dye motif. Tie Dye phone is ready to use.

So, what do you think about those ideas of unique mobile phone case? The homemade cellphone casing turns out not to be the same as the one in the store right. Besides being more economical, you can also be free to create according to your wishes. Share this article with your friends