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Infographics Tools: Top Picks for Designers and Non Designers

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Infographics Tools: Top Picks for Designers and Non Designers


Infographics are such a fun and successful visual approach to show data and visuals perfectly in your marketing technique. Digital marketing experts and bloggers have absolutely utilized Infographics in many occasions to show stats, share data and enhance their marketing efforts.

If you feel like it is highly unlikely you would ever make an infographic yourself, here is a list of some amazing free design tools. These tolls are intended for non-designers and really, these are great fun.

There are so many design tools that are released now allowing us to easily create better and better images— including infographics—and here is some of the best for you.

The 5 best infographic makers for creating an infographic in minutes:

  1. Canva

Price: Mostly Free

Paid options: Also available

Canva is an incredible and my personal favourite design tool (and infographic producer) that enables us to design in no time. Moreover it is online and available for free.

Canva can help you create infographic in minutes, with its easy-to-use Drag and Drop option. If you are a new user, you just need to sign up for an account, select an infographic template, add your data and the design is ready.

Canva has a broad range of templates and a many illustrations to check out —which means whatever your subject us, you can bring the best with this simple infographic maker. A stunning custom infographic is quick for you with Canva that you can utilize for your marketing strategy.

Here is a Canva Infographic sample:


  1. Piktochart

Price: Mostly Free

Paid options: Also available

Piktochart is another great alternative and No.2 in our list. It is a great tool to make various kinds of infographics. You can pick from a couple of various formats, including a customized infographic size, posters, presentation size (for slide decks) and report.

With Piktochart you can either make your own infographic from scratch or you can select some designed templates from their gallery.

Like Canva, this tool also allows you to choose your layout and use Drag and Drop options to create your design. You can likewise upload your own images.

Let us check out a template from the Piktochart:

  1. easel.ly

Price: Free or Pro Account starting at $4/month

Right from the name, makes it extremely easy for you to make infographics. When you enter on their primary page, you should simply pick one of the many layouts they have to offer. They additionally offer a way for you to look through their templates library according to your desired category.

Here’s is a good sample of easel.ly template: