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How to Decide a Suitable Career Through Personality Types

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How to Decide a Suitable Career Through Personality Types


We used to be told to do what we seem excelled at regarding career choices. However, there are also many people who have experienced switched career in their life. This can happen because the occupation turns out to be their personality’s opposite. Some people find that they have no passion in the job they have been through for 4 years.

Deciding on career path based on your academic qualities is important. But, passion and personality take really big part in your success. People would have no trouble to face the ups and downs if it is their true passion and personality.

Intellectual Type

The most common sign of a thinker person is that they love an abstract idea. This is where all innovations take an initial step. A thinker person would like to break theory and logic. Those with thinker personality is maybe already known as great academics, scientists or researchers.

A thinker personality loves to investigate anything. They would be happy if they find great problem and feel challenged to subdue it. This type is the opposite of doer type which would not suit to be athletes, carpenters or agriculture worker. Meanwhile, they would be a great consultant, doctor or psychologist.

Doer Type

Doer type sometimes called as builders personality. But, do not worry as it doesn’t necessary mean for construction. The main explanation of a doer is that they like to make use their hand to actively do something. They have big passion for interactions with the environment especially physically.

Most of doer type is man, but doesn’t always be. They will avoid any abstract working and choose to work their body instead. From here, you have a picture what they would love to be. Beside athlete, carpenter and agriculture worker, they are usually fit in as chef, engineering, or even dancers.

Social Type

As its name, the social type is a love to cooperate person because they value relationship very much. A social personality really enjoys working in a team or meeting people. This personality would be suitable to work in social roles like teacher and counselor.

You can find social personality mostly is women. They are also primarily chosen for nurses, customer services and therapists. With their humble and compassion characteristic, every career that facing audience will be done in great way. The highest paid work which is appropriate for social personality including management and sales.

Influencer Type

Influencer type has similar characteristic with social where they love to meet people. However, what makes it different is in the way that influencer enjoy the feeling of power over people. While social have strong emotion of compassionate, influencer will be able to draw energy from the whole teamwork in order to achieve the goals they set on.

They also have enough courage to take risks which makes them perfect as CEO. Other may choose as politician or lawyer which also make their name rising high. Those are really big career of any influencer can have because of some specific natures they own. It is including organizational roles, promotional, development and sales.

Artistic Type

With a high taste of creativity, common desk job would be a real bored thing for artistic personality. Instead of being isolated inside an office, they would gladly accept an open space. This is where they can let all their visualization expertise, creativity and originality free. Therefore, it is not wise to place artistic personality in a structural and constricted environment.

Through the explanation, it may be obvious enough that artistic type would be best fit for painter, dancer, musician, director, editor, graphic designer or other of the like. These kinds of career may have low paid initially. But, some with great talent break down this stereotype and have their name known worldly.

Conventional Type

Do not have low confidence just because the assessment tool giving you result as conventional type. Every personality has its own predominance. Usually, characteristic of conventional type can be determined as systematize, ability to file and skill on streamline process. With the right plan and path, you can reach the top position someday.

This personality commonly has specialization in systems and numbers. They will be able to work in wide range of career from legal industries to military sector. If you are categorized as conventional personality and aim for the highest paid work, you should prepare yourself to be accounting.

A person may not only have signs of one type. It is possible to have two or more characteristics in you. Also remember, when choosing career plan, you shouldn’t only consider about your personality type. You should also bring the motivation, ability, soft skill and knowledge into account.