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How to choose the best mobile phone for you

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How to choose the best mobile phone for you


How to determine your mobile phone that meets with your entire requirement? Whether you need a high-end mobile and fancy specifications or the one with the fitted budget for you? Here are the best guides for you before you but the mobile phone.

How much you will need to budget when buying a mobile phone?

You can spend the budget to buy a mobile phone start from $20 to $1.500 for a smartphone. If you expect for high-end range mobile phones such as Apple or Samsung then you can expect to spend at least $750-900. The models with this price range are typically large and come with a detailed range and vibrant screen. In addition, they also have the latest features that also can include fingerprint security and monitor for fast charging and waterproof features. Are you looking for a mobile phone that can handle your everyday tasks? Then you might need to spend a budget of around $199-250. The mobile phone in this price range should not struggle with web browsing, run the Google search and take phone calls.

Determine the operating system

The Operating System (OS) is the software that powers the mobile phone. This OS will shape the phone menu will look like and the apps that able to run in the app and it mostly plays a large part. There are 2 main contenders that you can choose, Android and iOS (Apple iPhones).

•    Apple iPhones. All iPhones products run iOS and different from Android, the experience for using the operating system is broadly the same in whichever the iPhone Series you buy. The pros: it is easy to use and fast to learn, especially for the previous user of the iPhone user.

The cons: it is very expensive. If you the one that not obsessed with possessed for the latest tech, then you can find the cheaper deals. This phone also usually not comes with a micro SD slot.

•    Android. Android is designed by Google and this technology used by wide manufacturers, start from popular brands such as Samsung, Motorola, into growing brands such as One Plus and Huawei.

The pros: it is easy to use; provide access into a wide range of games, apps, and entertainment from the Google Play store. This also loads with android mobile phone options to choose in whatever budget you have.

The cons: sometimes, the manufacturer can be slow when releasing the Android update to its users.

Which size do you fit?

Today, the sizes of the mobile phone are getting bigger. The latest model in high-end mobile phone measured start from 5.5 inches to 6 inches and more. The bigger screens on the mobile phone offer a great view when browsing the web and watch films, but this not suited for everyone. There are some people that find the larger size of the mobile phone make it look too large and awkward to hold and they prefer for a model that comfortable to hold and use with hand. The best way to determine which one that fit with your comfort level is trying to holding the mobile phone while you shop. The 4-5 inch mobile phone is a great deal for those who are looking for something that slips easier to pocket.

Will you need a waterproof mobile phone?

You might need to consider for a water-resistant mobile phone if you worrying an incident dropped your mobile phone into a sink or get wet because of rain. There are more manufacturers that add this feature for their smartphone, but it gets pricier in the market. Some of the smartphones claim that they have a higher waterproof level than others.

Features and design

Despite on basic things such as these things beyond, features and designs are the next levels that you need to consider and it most impacts your decisions when buying the mobile phone. If you compare to the look and feel from an affordable phone with premium, you might notice the difference. The budget phone tends slick and polished rather than expensive counterparts. Sometimes they also have a bulky design. However, it does not a bad thing. Most of us like to reassure the grip and weight from a cheap phone.


Display technology is bounded affects in the mobile phone for short time. The HD technology screen with the 720p resolution just available in the leading smartphone in the past, but now it is available in the good affordable phone.

Battery Life

This is the best part of what you need to consider before you buy a mobile phone. Battery life is a big concern as this is one factor that affects the budget phone. For your information, a 2000mah battery power can handle for through the day. If you have a compact phone with a smaller display, then you may get smaller battery life.