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How to buy a mobile (phone) for your kids

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How to buy a mobile (phone) for your kids


While your kids grow older and need a mobile phone, what you need to do? Buy them with the latest mobile phone as they asked or buy with negotiation? Here are the best guides for parents who desire to buy a mobile for their kids.

When did your allow kid for having their first mobile phone?

When kid able to get their phone for themselves? Well, it is not common for a primary school student to have a mobile phone, but recent research in 2016 show that average children have their first phone is when they get 10-11 although most parents usually wait to give their children mobile phone in secondary school at age 12-13.

Understanding the risks

Next, after you read about on what age the kid able to get their phone, then you as a parent should understanding the risks before you buy the phone for them. The mobile phone is an incredible communication tool. This tool not only able to send text and make a call, recently smartphone can create video and images and the ability to send and share to their friends. Now, the risks as when they have a smartphone, they also able to access the websites and upload online. There are risks when your kid access website without any filter and monitoring from their parent. They can access the adult website and see violence, mature content and many more. There are also health risks that can impact such as addiction and other health problem.

4 things need to consider before you buy the device

  1. Which one mobile need to determine. Some mobile phone has access to the internet and some just texting and calling. Choose wisely which one that best for your kid.
  2. Check adult content filters. This is important to protect your children from something that they should not watch on their mobile phone. Ensure you have parental controls in home broadband when you use Wifi for internet connection.
  3. Apple or Android? Both of them has different pros and cons. Look for a mobile phone that kid friendly and easy to use.
  4. Does contractor pay as you go? This likely is related to the mobile phone bill for your children. Internet browsing data is often limited and it will cause a higher cost when use exceeded. Pay as You Go is a system of the pre-paid mobile phone bill and ideal for children.

Which are the best mobile phones for your kids?

After reading the consideration before buying a mobile for your kids, then you might consider for these following recommended mobile phone for kids that offer secure and convenient for parents and kids at once.

  1. Google Pixel 2. This is faster and phones that also offer more features for security and safety. The security becomes the paramount for this phone as fingerprint scanner becomes a good deal for these security features.
  2. Nokia 6. This is the one that affordable budget mobile phone and featured with latest features that perfect for a teenager. This phone comes with a great camera that most children like because it results in the great image for the selfie and social photos.
  3. iPhone SE. if your children want to buy an iPhone for their first phone, then you might consider for this phone model. This is an affordable one with the detailed parental controls in their features.

Money saving tips when you buy a mobile phone for your kids

How you can save money when buying a mobile phone for kids but still give them their desired mobile phone? This can help you to get the best price and deal with the mobile phone for your kids.

#tips 1. Give your kids the best does not mean it also well for a mobile phone. When buying a mobile phone, you do not need to buy the best specification. There is a lot of affordable mobile phone that powerful.

#tips2. Nobody said that if you need to pay for it. When your kids ask you to buy a mobile phone for them, you can teach them with financial responsibility. Make negotiation with them.

#tips3. Get the best price for it. Do not buy for your kids but get another one for you. Sometimes when buying a bundled smartphone; the retailers give a discount for you. This will really help especially when you also need to buy the new one or buy for not only one kid in your home.