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Develop Your Blog and Earn Your Money!

Blogging Business

Develop Your Blog and Earn Your Money!


Do you have a blog? Definitely, you have had it and understood the benefits of having the blog or doing blogging. There are many good and fun tips that have been written by other bloggers which of course aim to help us in developing a blog. However, all tips are good or not also depend on us whether they are suitable or not to apply. Then, in this article, I try to provide some best tips for you to develop a blog then you can get money from it. Hopefully, the tips that I provide to develop your blog can be applied well so that your blog can be better.

Develop a blog with the chosen tips

How to develop our blog well and fast? Well, if we already have a blog and some content in it, then, of course, we want our blog to have many readers or visitors. Well, here is where we start doing what is called a promotion, starting to get to know what is called SEO and how bad it is.

Stay Focused on Content

Content until whenever will remain a major factor in the success of a blog. Make content that is truly high quality. What is quality content like:

  • Wanted by readers
  • Unique, different and original
  • Useful and useful


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an attempt to optimize our blog on search engines. If you want your blog to get a lot of visitors from search engines, you can’t help but have to deal with SEO.

But you don’t really need to be an SEO expert to be able to get visitors from search engines. Simply using basic SEO understanding I think is enough to help increase your blog traffic from search engines.


Blogwalking is simply an activity that leads to other people’s blogs while leaving comments. Blogwalking is an old way that is often done by beginner bloggers to get the end, but even now this method is still effective.

Besides getting the end of blog walking, it also has many other benefits, including:

  • Establish a bond between fellow bloggers
  • Getting backlinks is one of the most important factors of SEO
  • Get ideas or inspiration
  • and others

Social Media

It is undeniable that today most people spend their time on social media. Make good use of social media as a promotional place for your blog. And, there are still many other ways to develop a blog.

Let’s earn money from our beloved blog

If your blog is big and wide enough, you already have a lot of readers and visitors, it doesn’t hurt to start making your blog as a money-making machine. It means that you start to earn money from your blog.

As long as we want to be consistent blogging, earning income from blogs is not impossible even though it only has a free blog platform.

Lots of ways to make money from blogs. Here are some of the most popular ways to make money from blogs:

Advertising Network

The most popular way that many Indonesian bloggers use to make money from blogs is by joining an advertising network program or Advertising Networks. By following a program like this we only need to put a script or code into our blog to display ads automatically. We will get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on our blog, or the cool language is PPC aka Pay Per Click.

Selling Ad Space on the Blog

Besides through Advertising Networks, we can also offer ad space on our blog directly to anyone who is interested in advertising on our blog. The advantages of this method are that the income we get will be more certain because we ourselves will determine the price.

Selling Your Own Product

One way I am doing this myself on this blog, which is selling its own products. If you have your own product, whether it’s a physical or digital product, it will be very good if you sell it through a blog.

Selling Services

Selling services can also be another alternative to making money from blogs. If you are good at writing, you can try to sell article writing services. If you are good at design, you can also sell design services. And there are many more services that you can offer through blogs.

Join the Affiliate Program

If you want to sell products on your own blog but don’t have a product that can be sold, then you can try to join the affiliate program. Affiliate is a program where we help market other people’s products and we will get commissions for every sale.

Those are the ways to develop a blog and you can earn your money from it.

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