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Creative Marketing Strategy for Startup Business in Tight Budget

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Creative Marketing Strategy for Startup Business in Tight Budget


The Startup Company is faced with many challenges with the global competition recently. There are many startup business owners that abandon their investment such as marketing. This is a cruel reality that neglecting altogether stifles the growth of your business. There are about 50% entrepreneurs that have no idea how to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

The marketing strategy needs to point

There are more than 100 marketing strategies starts from traditional to digital marketing with myriads marketing tactic over there and you might want to apply them to your business. However, how you select the right method? These marketing strategies can help you to spotlight the business.

1.    Think about the “Why” in your life.  Develop the narratives that will differentiate your company from your competitors and parks with conversation.  Do you build a startup that needs support a certain cause in every sale? If it does, then what you need to do then? Do your business ideas come with troubling life event? Mention and it may inspire you.

2.    Engage; do not only just sell your product. As an entrepreneur, you should have an instinct that pushes you to sell to everyone that you meet. There is nothing wrong with this, as this can flaunt your brand and therefore it is important for giving your company the relevance and participates in the discussion that revolves with around your business.

3.    Carve niche and build the credibility in your industry. The startup shoestring budget cannot keep you from carving of the niche. Assemble the culture around the business by offering an insider perspective to the outside.

4.    Help people to discover your content. After you publish your content; use the keywords that specify to your niche to improving the ranking in Google. You also can use hyper-targeted keywords for powering the social media-based audience acquisition.

Low budget marketing strategy for your startup

One thing that you need to remember when you decide to make an advertisement, especially using digital marketing, effective marketing does not mean you should spend a lot of money.  Of course, by having high-cost marketing strategies, it can bring more consistency and visibility and end to returns investment. But you also need to consider for other options of higher rate effective marketing strategy but it still low-cost to spend that can help small startup business to reach more customer and grow. Few examples of marketing strategies that you can choose below can be your option.

1.    Referrals. This is a system that makes your customer do marketing for your business. It starts with your customer promote and refers your business to their colleague and friends.  

2.    Content marketing. There are many forms of content marketing and none of them needs significant investment. The approach to this method is managing the on-site blog, add some contents after a number of times in a week that informs or entertains your customer/readers with unique and practical ways.  You can add infographics, videos, and podcast that belong to the content marketing category as well. Why? Because this all content marketing mediums have the power to improve the brand reputation, improve the inbound traffic and also complement the multiple other marketing strategies that you draw in this list.

3.    Social media business profile. This is an example of digital marketing is one that most free and it is something that you can even master it if you desire to invest time to learn.  To start with social media marketing, then start by creates social media profiles for a business account in major platforms such as Facebook. Create unique and outstanding the profiles and start to connect with the target market that you desire to reach.

4.    Email marketing. This is an example of a cost-effective marketing strategy that claimed result in ROI more than 400%. The affectivity from this strategy depend to good lists and steady content, it is expected for significant investment return from that you invest on the platform.

5.    SEO. If you able to spend the time to write articles for campaign content marketing, then you might consider investing your budget into SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO seems to complex for the new one, but the reality is, when it comes with dedication and reading, you can understand the basic easily. There are many tools available to help you or you can hire for best result expected.

The marketing strategy will depend on the goals of your marketing, target audiences, personality, location, budget and many more. It also depends on the scale of your business. When you have a large business, then you might need multiple digital marketing strategies with different goals and a lot of parts that move. However, the simple ways to thinking what is the right marketing strategy for your business that helps you focus to meet with the objectives