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Advance Marketing: Grab the Public’s Attention through Memes

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Advance Marketing: Grab the Public’s Attention through Memes


These days, when you come across social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, most probably you will find many memes through your feed very easily. It shows how popular and well-accepted memes have become, because they have light yet relatable content to share with many of your friends. This phenomenon does not go unnoticed by huge companies as some of them grab the chance to promote their personal branding through memes. Rather than a conventional, boring advertisement that drill your product forcefully into your customers, memes are one of the most effective media for marketing. It is because memes can be used as a clickbait and snowballing, something that is worth exploring anytime anywhere, which makes it much easier to make it viral worldwide. Here are a few things you might want to consider about why memes are used as a leverage for your marketing.

1. Memes Help Companies to Engage with Customers Naturally

As technology has advanced, you must be very familiar about passing by advertisements you encounter in social medias, or even YouTube. How do you feel when you have to read or see that? Maybe only a few of you would feel excited. The chances are, many get annoyed to forcefully see a full length of ads videos or pop-up products on your timeline. This makes people aware of it that they personalize their own social media as much as they can to avoid that, which means you pay a fine amount of money for advertisement yet there is a less opportunity for you to grab the target audience’s attention as they have grown savvier and ignorant to it.

However, different from memes, one of the reasons why memes are used as a leverage for your marketing is because it allows you to communicate with your potential customers in a more fun way. Using a sense of humor to entertain them, they would not notice that they just have seen an actual advertisement. Memes will help you to carry the marketing message organically, in which it will raise the percentage of engagement. They would not think hard to like, comment, and even share your advertisement to their timeline because they see it as a mere meme.

2. Memes Help to Build A Good Personal Branding

There are some criteria for a customer to be really interested in a product that they will share willingly, something like-an expensive clothing brand as a part of their lifestyle. However, when it comes to something not consider exciting like ketchup or soy sauce, why would they share that? Yet, the table is turned when memes are used. One of well-known ketchup brand, Heinz, employs memes for their branding and media campaign to attract millions of people, and it works! It becomes much more recognizable as people love the memes made originally as playful as possible. By using the hashtags, it also becomes trending.

3.  Memes Help to Keep the Brand’s Popularity at Peak

Another reason why memes are used as a leverage for your marketing is because it drives the brand’s popularity high all the time. One of the most popular websites, memes.com, has over 15 million followers both in Facebook and Instagram. This is how crazy and popular memes are, for there are more than 600,000 people asking and uploading memes each day. That’s why, when it comes to marketing, memes become very valuable to be used. Rather than spending a lot bucks of useless “forced” ads that only so much people will read, isn’t meme more efficient to promote your products?

However, when it comes to memes, there are two tips you can take in order to web-bomb the social media with your product! The first one is: do not be too much, just be relatable. If you want your marketing to succeed, you do not have to try too hard. The key is to communicate with your customers from heart to heart. If what you advertise is something that they can relate easily in daily life, they will automatically share your product because it “speaks” of “me” so much. The other thing that you need to consider is timing. Do a mini research on what public loves recently, what becomes a hit in the society, and gather those fruitful contents into your meme. At the same time, input your personal brand to make it viral. Do not use the types of memes that have been outdated, people will probably get fed up of seeing it. If you use the right method at the right timing, your product must be well-accepted in public.

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