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3 Useful Software Applications to Enhance Your Microsoft Windows 10’s Functionalities

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3 Useful Software Applications to Enhance Your Microsoft Windows 10’s Functionalities


With the three useful software applications that you will see below, you can improve the functionalities of your Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10 is undoubtedly a versatile operating system. There are many great things that you can do with this operating system. From simple internet browsing to complex 3D designing and printing, Windows 10 can serve you optimally without having to install any 3rd-party applications.

However, no matter how complete the features of this operating system are, there are still some unfilled gaps that often hamper your computing activities. Here we will show you three great useful software applications that you can add to your Windows 10 to fill those gaps and to improve your operating system’s functionalities.

Quick Access Popup

This small application actually solves a somewhat essential problem in your Microsoft Windows 10 operating system: the inability to expand the Frequent Folder jump list on the taskbar. On previous Microsoft Windows versions, you can expand the jump lists on the taskbar easily by modifying Windows Registry entries. On Microsoft Windows 10, you can actually do the same to most taskbar jump lists, with the exception of the Frequent Folder jump list. The number of the frequently visited folders that you can access through the taskbar’s File Explorer jump list is limited. When you pin new favorite folders to the jump list, the frequent folder number will further decrease until there is no room whatsoever for this list.

How does this useful software solve this problem? It doesn’t actually try to expand the Frequent Folder jump list, which no one actually can. With this software, you can replace the function of this flawed jump list with an expandable frequent folder list that you can access using your mouse’s middle click. When you do middle-click on the desktop, File Explorer window, and open and save dialogs, a popup will appear, giving you access to your frequent folders, pinned folders, frequent applications, and other shortcuts that make the jump list look inferior. This application is a freeware that you can download and use for free, but due to its usefulness, I suggest that you make a donation for the software’s further development.

USB Safely Remove

Safely removing connected USB device is important because it will prevent data loss and possible device damage. Microsoft Windows 10, just like its predecessors, has a built-in USB removal function that allows you to safely remove your USB device before you unplug it. With a click of a mouse, you can easily detach your device, provided that there is no file stored in the device that is currently opened or accessed by the operating system. If there is a file that is still opened, the operating system will refuse to detach the device.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Very often, when you attempt to remove the device, the operating system simply refuses to remove the device even after you close all files that are stored on the device. USB Safely Remove is a small trialware application that allows you to manage your connected USB devices better. This useful software not only shows more detailed information about all devices that are currently connected to your computer but also allows you to force the system to detach the device at the event of refusal due to some unknown reason. This application will pop up a window telling you which applications are currently accessing your device and give you an option of whether to force-close those applications. Another perk of using this software is that you can detach your device faster because its safe removal popup generally appears faster than the generic Windows’s popup does.


Rainmeter is a freeware application that adds skins to your Windows 10’s desktop. There used to be a lot of applications like Rainmeter, including the now dying Windows shell replacements like LiteStep and Cairo Desktop; however, only Rainmeter remains popular nowadays. Due to its strong community support, new features and skins are constantly added, making it useful software not only for enhancing the look of your operating system but also improving many of its functionalities.

So, what is actually a Rainmeter skin? A Rainmeter skin is basically like a widget in Android. It is a self-contained floating program that gives you access to some advanced functions, such as checking the weather, showing the clock, and playing multimedia files. Microsoft Windows 7 once has this widget-like thing called gadget, but due to security and performance leak, it is removed in later Windows versions and replaced with the live tiles. If you miss the gadget on your Windows 10, you should install this useful software because it can provide you with thousands of skins that are ready to use on your desktop