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3 Reasons Why Newspaper Will Be Disappeared Someday

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3 Reasons Why Newspaper Will Be Disappeared Someday


What you usually do in the morning? Or, what you usually read when you are waiting for your train that will take you to the office? In the past, people would answer with the “reading newspaper” answer. Today, you may say a different answer. As the people who live in the digital era, we replace that newspaper reading activity with reading the online news from our gadget isn’t it? Does it mean the newspaper will be disappeared? There is a prediction for that event. So, let’s take a look at the factors that can increase that possibility.

The Simplicity

Modern people love practicality. And, technology facilitates that mindset by providing many facilities or features that can simplify our way to do things. For example, in the past, we had to go to the post office to send a letter or waiting for days and even months to get a reply from our letter’s recipients. How about today?

Today, we don’t need to do that time-consuming activity anymore. With the internet, especially email, we can easily send our message, photo, and even video, in a matter of second. And, once the recipient receives our message, they can reply it right away. It is fast and cheap.

It is also the same on the media for sharing information. Newspaper is pale in comparison in the matter of spreading speed than the digital media. Here is an easy example. You can’t go to the soccer matches of your favorite club. And, in order to find out the result of the matches, you need to wait for the newspaper that comes in the next day.

The digital media can provide information faster than that. You can find out about the result once the matches are over. Or, you can even follow the matches’ news using the live reports feature. This will help you to get the information that you need much easier and simple than using the newspaper.

With this situation in our mind, we can expect that many people will leave the newspaper at some point in the future. Moreover, there are also many newspaper publishers that close their printing division and goes fully online, today.

The Material

The newspaper needs paper, which comes from the trees. We believe that with the negative effect of global warming that is getting worse, and social awareness regarding this matter that’s increasing, many newspaper publishers try to find a more environmental friendlier way to publish information. Thus, they will leave the paper usage and turn into more environmental friendlier media, which is digital media.

Moreover, the newspaper is one used only media. Once you read all the information in it, it will become useless. Then, you throw it away into the garbage can. On the other hand, digital media that you can access through your gadget is everlasting media. Plus, you can use your gadget to access many kinds of information over and over, without having to throw it away once you’ve done using it.

The Size

Several years ago, there was an effort to create a digital newspaper. This media had the shape and size of a newspaper. But, it shows online news like what you can see from your gadget. However, this media seems too expensive to commercialize, so they stopped developing this new media.

The main reason isn’t only its expensive price. But, the size isn’t also comfortable to carry around. Unlike newspaper that is made of paper, you can fold it into a smaller size. So, it is not perfect for daily usage. Does it mean the newspaper is much better?

Of course, it’s not. If you compare the newspaper with a mobile gadget, you will see a big difference. You can just put your gadget into your pocket and use it anytime you want it. While newspaper, even though you fold it into a smaller size, but it won’t be as small and thin as the slim Smartphone today.


Does it mean the newspaper will be disappeared someday? With all kinds of factors and reasons we explained above, yes, the newspaper will be disappeared from this world someday. The technology will become one of the main reasons why the old media like newspaper and even TV will be gone one day. However, that can only happen when the publisher decides to stop their printing edition. Plus, when the demand for the newspaper decrease significantly and the profit made from it can’t cover the production cost, that moment will happen. It is all depending on how people think or our mindset in the future.