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Why Should We a Blog?

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Why Should We a Blog?


In the age of technology that has been modern and sophisticated, there have been a lot of websites – websites scattered in cyberspace whether it is a news website, game, or tutorial like this blog. Of the many websites, most of them are dominated by personal blogs created from scattered blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, etc. Or there are those who create blogs with hosting like this blog.

Indonesia as one of the most internet users in the world certainly has many blogs from users – users. The blog will continue to grow every day because of the demands of increasingly modern technology and more and more users of this.

As blog owners, we should be eager to blog because behind blogging, there are many benefits that we don’t realize. For this reason, I will share a handful of blogging benefits that you may not know. However, it would be nice to discuss first what a blog is.

What is a Blog?

If you really are new to the world of blogs, then chances are you still don’t really understand what a blog is. On the internet, there have actually been many articles that discuss what a blog is, but here I will give an easy explanation.

Blogs are one of the many types of websites on the internet. One thing that most distinguishes between blogs and other types of websites is the function of the blog itself.

The main function of a blog at first is to make it easier for people to write personal notes on the internet. But now the blog has many functions. Starting from as a place of personal record, a place to share opinions and information, for political purposes, to business needs.

Why should you do blogging?

The following are some of the benefits you can get if you become a blogger:

Increasing knowledge

By creating a blog with a specific niche, we have high learning opportunities. The demand for continuing to update his blog article is the reason. By filling in articles on blogs – your blog that has a certain niche, you will also have to master the things in your blog posts.

Thus we will continue to seek knowledge about our niche blog for us to update on our blog. So, our knowledge will increase. An advantage if our niche blog is a lesson. Because with that, while blogging while also learning.

Training how to convey opinions

There are times when we already have an idea or opinion that we want to say, but it’s very difficult to say it!

Now that’s because, in our brains, dendrites-dendrites have not yet formed, which can convey the intent we want to say to our mouths. This means that the line of opinion has not been properly trained.

Now by writing one of the benefits is making it easier for us to express opinions in our brains perfectly. For the first time writing, it’s hard to ask forgiveness. But the future is getting easier.

Building trust on the internet

When we can help others through blogs, we will be trusted by our blog readers because they have provided useful information for them.

One of the keys to the success of an online business is trust. Well, blogs are the right place to build that trust.

Building a network

For this, it has been proven if we create a blog. By creating a blog that is crowded with visitors, and the content that we provide is also useful, then at least visitors will comment on our posts. These visitors can increase the relationship. And fellow bloggers also have a community.

In the community, all will work together in the blogging world so that the friendship will be tightened by fellow bloggers.

Side income

By expanding our blog to the global world, we have a greater chance to convert our blog into a job that produces seeds of money. With this, blogging will be more fun and will become our side job.

Perfect documentation place

Do you have many impressive photos or stories? Too dear if you have to forget it? Want to remember important events in your life in the future? then the blogging hobby is right for you. A blog is a good place for documentation, all posts are neatly arranged based on the date of publication so you can read back what you documented at any time.

Not only the advantages of a blog, but you can use the search box to find files that are drowned in your blog. Everything is as easy as turning your palm. Want to try it immediately? Start your first blog as soon as possible and feel the pleasure of being a blogger. Those are the explanations of blogging benefits.

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