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Why Should Newspapers Still Be Your Frequented Media in 2019?

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Why Should Newspapers Still Be Your Frequented Media in 2019?


It is 2019 and, very obviously, most people use their smart devices to do virtually everything, including getting news and information. Websites, blogs, news aggregators, and video websites like YouTube have become the new norms while printed materials, such as “non-electronic” books and newspapers, are mostly regarded as old-fashioned and are abandoned. Fewer people are subscribing for newspaper than they used to be. The internet has changed the way people behave, including when gathering information.

Here we are going to dig deeper into why people are abandoning printed newspapers and why you should actually revive the old habit of reading newspaper. There are actually many interesting things about reviving newspapers and making them your frequented mass media once again.


Why people are abandoning newspapers?

The answers for this question might already be obvious for many people; however, exploring and reviewing the true reasons why people are abandoning newspapers are fun and nostalgic and will actually help you discover why returning to the newspaper era is actually more interesting.

So, what actually drives people to switch from paper to digital newspaper? Here are the reasons.

  1. Newspaper is old-fashioned.

People say that no one reads newspaper nowadays except their grandfathers, who have no interest anymore to enjoy the luxuries of technology. Reading newspaper is considered an old-fashioned habit that doesn’t truly impress younger generation today. Reading news on a touchscreen is regarded by many as more entertaining.

  1. Newspaper is actual only for one day.

The news covered by newspapers are actual only on the day they are delivered to your home. The next day you want actual news, you need to have another newspaper delivered to you because your old newspaper has lost its actuality. Online newspaper keeps its content constantly updated. You don’t even have to wait for another day to get updated news because even in one day, the news will be updated repeatedly, especially if the reported events are considered important.

  1. Newspaper is not eco-friendly.

Because thousands of newspapers have to be printed every day, you can imagine how much paper is used and wasted each day and how many trees are cut to produce such huge amount of paper. Even if the newspaper uses recycled paper, you can still imagine how much recycled paper is used and wasted for newspaper publishing. When it comes to eco-friendliness, newspaper industry obviously doesn’t really well.

  1. Newspaper doesn’t offer dynamic content.

Everything that you see on a piece of newspaper looks static. There is no accompanying video with commentary, no podcast, no slideshow, nothing dynamic that makes the news more informative and more pleasing to enjoy. Attached photos and illustrations do exist, but they are obviously nothing compared with videos, interactive forms, and other types of dynamic content that you generally find on digital newspaper.

  1. Newspaper is not free.

You need either to buy the newspaper from a newspaper stand, whose number is greatly dwindling today due to the rapidly increasing popularity of digital content, or to pay for newspaper subscription. There is no way you can get newspaper for free. Most digital newspaper articles, on the other hand, are always available for free.

With so many reasons to abandon paper newspaper, is there actually any reason why you should revive the old habit of reading it?


Why should you read newspaper in this digital era?

Reading newspaper in the old way before the internet invaded your life can actually be interesting. Why? Here are the reasons.

  1. Reading newspaper is nostalgic.

Instead of calling it old-fashioned, why don’t you say that reading newspaper is nostalgic? You might miss the habit of anticipating the paperboy throwing a newspaper to your lawn, picking the paper while wearing unbuttoned bathrobe, and smelling the distinct aroma of the paper while reading the morning news and sipping your coffee. This experience is barely called tedious, and definitely cannot be said old-fashioned.

  1. You can keep memorable events in clippings.

A newspaper is obviously actual only for one day; however, do you know that your old newspapers don’t immediately become worthless after the passing of the day? Newspaper clippings, which physically report important events are considered important references that are worth citing. In scholarly articles, they serve as a more powerful citable references compared with digital news recordings.

  1. Cellphones aren’t eco-friendly as well.

Statistics show that two cell phones exist for every three people living in earth. Generally speaking, people replace their phones once every one or two years. Cellphones are made from environmentally unfriendly materials. When used, they consume a large amount of electricity.

  1. Newspaper’s static content is dramatic.

Just by looking the static content of a newspaper, you have let your imagination wander around what is actually happening in the reported events. This makes the pleasingly static content of the newspaper dramatic and interesting to enjoy.

  1. Paid media content is proven to be higher in quality.

You certainly love the free content provided by online media; however, are you aware that hoaxes, deceits, and unverifiable data tend to spread through free online channels? This is actually the reason why even online newspapers have actually started charging their subscribers for reading paid content.