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Why I have to choose Coliving for my next stay in New York

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Why I have to choose Coliving for my next stay in New York


New York is an amazing place. Not only to visit but to live. The main question that arises with living in this busy city is how to find a suitable apartment or house.

If you decide to live in New York for a long time, you can take advantage of the many available options, both offline and online. You just need to be very thorough, however, because there are a lot of persons out there who only want to make money and earn a lot of commission from your contract.

In today’s online world, there are many different ways to get housing in New York, but one of them is becoming more widespread than others, and it is called coliving.

Why should you opt-in for coliving in your stay in New York? Well, there are many reasons, and here are the best ones:

New contacts 

If you are new in New York, you’d need some good contact there, and there’s no better person than someone who lives with you in the same household. Your coliver may have lived in NYC more than you, and you can ask him about some practical questions like where the nearest best coffee shop is, where the best whole-food store is, which fitness club is the best in the location, etc.

Your coliver (if he has lived there longer than you) definitely knows the location better than you, and you can be sure that whatever you ask him, you will get great advice from someone with personal experience, and that is priceless.

You also gain a new friend in your coliver, which is a plus. 


Another reason is very simple — you will save money. Actually, you will save a lot of money, because you won’t need to pay for the whole apartment, but only your part. Believe me, if you are new in New York, money will keep you alive (Not only in New York, of course, but especially there).

Dividing rent with someone is fantastic because you can save part of your money and use it for your business or pleasure. Of course, if you have more colivers, you will pay less money, but that doesn’t mean that you must live with ten people. Even if the rent is split between two people, you will save a lot of money, and that is also a great reason to choose coliving as your style of living for a while.

Safety and help

If you live alone, you may encounter various trouble sometimes, such as forgetting to close the window, and then it starts to rain when you aren’t home. You may accidentally leave the water running from the wash-basin or not be able to come home, and your dog makes “the thing” in the apartment.

Or worse, you may start having some health issues, like flu, broken leg, eye problem, or another type of disease. If you have a coliver, they can help you to cover some of your problems, and you can help him or them too. Living with somebody doesn’t have to be catastrophic but helpful. Also, if you have a coliver, you will feel much safer in general. 

Fun and communication

Coliving is fun. It brings communication. The coliving style in New York City brings a lot of positive energy because you can live with somebody who may love dancing or a great cook, and you can learn a thing or two from them or teach something new. There isn’t always a need for a routine. Fun and communication create a positive atmosphere, and in this case, coliving becomes an amazing lifestyle.

A routine household

If you or your coliver works in some company, you can have a pretty much great routine. Like, you would always know when you can call your friends over, when your coliver will come back from work, and when dinner will be ready. You will also know when you can use the bathroom, etc. There are plenty of advantages if your coliving has some routine. I don’t mean like in the army, but some routine is always good.

 Fully furnished

If you move to New York City, you will do best to move into an apartment that is already fully furnished. That is another reason why coliving is a great choice. You will come into the fully furnished apartment, just having to bring some of your things, like clothes and other stuff. You don’t need to decorate a whole apartment but spend that money on other things. You simply pay your part of the rent, and that’s all.

Isn’t it a great style of living? Of course, you must choose the right apartment; I mean, the colivers that match your style. 

No long-term contract is necessary

Coliving is usually not a long-term type of rental deal. Like, you can stay there, and if you find something else or have enough money to buy or rent something just for you, you can simply leave – but of course, there is some time in the contract, like a month or two. Still, it is not a long-term deal, so you can be calm that if you, for instance, find a partner who you wish to move in with, you can always leave the apartment.

If you want to live alone in your own flat or apartment, it usually requires a long-term rent contract, but coliving is not that serious.

All these are just a small piece of the advantages coliving in New York City has to offer. We highly recommend this type of living, and be sure that there are a lot of other things not mentioned in this article, but you know, we must let you discover them by yourself. We wouldn’t want to take away the fun and anticipation.