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What You Should Not Do in Marketing Your Business Products

Business Marketing

What You Should Not Do in Marketing Your Business Products


Developing a marketing strategy for business promotion is something that cannot be taken lightly. In a business world, the main functions of marketing and sales are sometimes shifting due to mistakes that might even be done. In this article, we will discuss what you should not do in marketing your business product.

Preparing no marketing strategy

Even a good product will not sell itself without a great marketing strategy. You have to know everything about the target market and the segmentation of the market that you want to target. Knowing who will buy your product, how much finance, what profession, and so on is very important for a relevant segmentation process and appropriate marketing. Remember that even if your product is the best, you are not the only choice that they can select.

Marketing the products that you have not made

This is the same as offering a fictitious product. Offering something that is not yet available is actually a fundamental mistake in marketing. A successful marketing campaign will eventually pass uselessly because it does not meet the demands, whether in terms of employees who do not meet the qualifications or products that are not yet available. Consumers will lose trust in you and, automatically, your brand credibility will be considered bad.

Making customers feel uncomfortable

By giving lower prices on some periods or several items by mentioning that these are the limited offers of limited edition products, you will definitely be able to increase the interest of consumers to buy it. However, you should also consider several other factors that may affect your product selling. It could be caused by the salespersons who carry out promotions that keep chasing consumers purchase the offered products after letting them try the product sample. Of course, this will make the consumer feel uncomfortable.

Only relying on one media to promote the products

What you should not do in marketing your business products is relying on only one media to advertise.  Consumers receive marketing messages that are not counted every single from different media, such as newspapers, TV, magazines, and the internet. There was research which proved that consumers should be given chances to see your advertisement on average twelve times before they really interested to purchase it. Placing an advertisement on only one media or sending e-mails will not give you satisfying results. Therefore, you should determine which media is most often used or frequently accessed by your target buyers as information material to develop promotions strategies. However, you should also make sure that it can be adjusted to your budget.

Being not in the right timing

The first mistake in marketing is in terms of timing. Having potential buyer data, a neat design of the product is not enough, if not accompanied by the right timing. The right timing will give significant results. The common thing is, business people have poured large funds for marketing activities, but have not produced anything. This happens because when the promotion is carried out, consumers are not interested in buying the product. One of the examples is selling the premium quality of beauty products during the new school year, where women will have to spend a lot of expenses for their kids.

Being inconsistent with brands

Branding is everything. Never change the position of the company brand that you represent because of the different types of audiences. This will make your brand deemed to be inconsistent.

Not using marketing mix effectively

Being too focused on just one marketing system for promotion will only bring a few promising prospects. The result will be much different if you implement a marketing mix. Using the marketing mix strategy is the same as utilizing various marketing methods available to open up more opportunities in bringing sales prospects. Without using a marketing mix, you limit the consumers’ perspective on your brand and your own perspective on what type of marketing best suits the company’s brand.

The advertisement is not conveyed well

The next factor causing the marketing to fail is the messages that do not reach consumers. You could say advertising is a very important material to attract buyers. Consumers will not know your product if they are not interested in your ad. Ads that use certain symbols or uncommon languages cause advertising messages not to be understood by consumers who have diverse economic, social, and educational backgrounds.

The expired data

Sticking on to the expired data is what you should not do in marketing your business products. Without having accurate data related to demographic conditions, buyer current behavior, average income, and other aspects, this marketing activity will not be optimal. Inaccurate data will, of course, influence the decisions taken. It is good to verify the field by matching existing data so that the exact conditions of the field will be known.