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Tips to Save Mobile Phone Battery and Make a Special Mobile Phone Place When Charging the Mobile Phone

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Tips to Save Mobile Phone Battery and Make a Special Mobile Phone Place When Charging the Mobile Phone


The use of a mobile charger is often a lot of things to do. Mobile phone battery problems that often run out quickly make us often frustrated every time we are charging the mobile phone again.

Especially for those of you smartphone users who use active data packages to access the internet network on their mobile phones, this will certainly consume a lot of power on your smartphone so that the battery will be consumed a lot. So how do you save battery power on your cell phone so it’s not easy to run out? Well, we will share the tips below so that they can be useful for you.

Tips and Tricks to Save Battery Power in order not to Run Out

Use as needed

One of the most effective ways to save battery power on a cellphone is to use it as needed. When there is a need, then please use it, meanwhile, if there are no activities or things that are too important in your smartphone, you should avoid operating your cell phone.

Do not operate the mobile phone while charging

Often we feel curious to check and see if there are interactions that occur on social media or there is an incoming message to our smartphone. So, every time we will turn on the smartphone that is in Charge then see and check it. Or even, often we even play with our smartphone when charged. However, to save battery power in a cell phone or smartphone, you should avoid constantly operating the cellphone when it is charged.

Don’t charge mobile all night

Well, this is one of the most common bad habits that are at the same time underestimated. But you know, this will make the battery quality become weaker and can make it damaged although some cell phones have disconnected when the battery is fully charged. However, still, you are not allowed to charge cell phones overnight. It had better for you to fully charge the cellphone even though many times compared to charging overnight.

Keep a mobile phone from hot places

To make power on the battery so that it is not easily discharged or wasteful, it is better to avoid your cell phone from the reach of hot places, even if your cellphone is off. A hot place can affect the quality of the cell phone battery and can cause damage to the cellphone.

Set the screen brightness level

How to save the mobile phone battery by setting the screen brightness level as low as possible is very effective to reduce the battery power used to illuminate the screen.All of you have known that to turn on a bright light requires high battery power. For that, there is no harm in setting the screen brightness to the lowest level, but you still feel comfortable when you see your mobile phone screen.Don’t use the auto brightness feature which automatically adjusts screen brightness based on the ambient light of the room because the auto brightness feature will provide more screen brightness than you need.

Well, the tips above are expected to help you know what things should be avoided to save battery power so that the battery on your cell phone can last longer.

Creating a Place for Mobile Phone When Charging

When finished with battery power and charger problems, another problem that we most often face when charging a cellphone is the space or place to store cell phones. When we charge, we often confuse storing or placing a cellphone in a safe place.

By utilizing recycled materials from used goods we will be able to make a place to put the cellphone when it is charged so that it is always safe. What is the way? We refer to the following.

Materials that must be prepared

1 used plastic bottle

1 marker

1 candle

1 cutter knife

1 piece of paint

1 tang

1 brush

1 knife

The Steps

  1. The first step, take a used plastic bottle that has been prepared. Then, at the back of the bottle, make a box-sized hole with a charger plug or approximately 2 cm wide and 4 cm long.
  2. Meanwhile, on the back make a gari pattern crossing about half the bottle. Then pull the pull extending from the back to the front. This pattern will then be used as a benchmark for cutting.
  3. To cut or cut it, use a cutter/knife to burn for a while using a flame over the candle and cut it following the pattern, until you get the shape as above.
  4. While to enhance its appearance, we paint and beautify it according to our desire and liking. Then let the paint dry.

And now, you can place your cell phone while charging. Thus your cellphone will always be safe and close to the charger when you are charging the mobile phone