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Tips on Buying a Secondhand Car

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Tips on Buying a Secondhand Car


Buying a used car in a showroom is the right solution for those who are still confused about choosing the desired vehicle. There, you can find various types of cars with brands, years of production, and more varied car prices. Even so, there are many showrooms that sell used cars with prime appearance but the actual conditions have been dilapidated. If you are not careful in choosing them, of course, you will get a huge disadvantage later. Therefore, consider the following tips on buying a secondhand car.

Do online research

Before going to a used car showroom to browse your prospective car, equip yourself with information by doing online research. Currently, there are quite a number of sites that provide various reviews of used cars.

Find out the type and brand that suits your needs. After finding a suitable brand and model, you should check the market price and specifications. Do not forget to record the information so that you can directly compare it when consulting with the showroom.

Don’t be easily tempted by low prices

When buying a used car in a showroom, many people will tend to look for a cheaper price. However, you should not be easily tempted and immediately visit the showroom when you recognize that there is a car sold at a very low price in that place. If the car is offered at a price far below the market price, you must be more careful in checking its condition.

Inspect the vehicle history

After finding a used car in the chosen showroom, you should check its background. You can ask the showroom the reason why the previous owner sold the car, the history of damage, proof of service, and whether the service was always done in an official workshop. Proof of service is very important because the car with a routine and complete service history, of course, is assumed to have better engine conditions. Cars that are routinely serviced also reflect the personality of the previous owner who cared for the car well.

Check the Physical Condition of the Car

Although asking the history of the car is needed to do, it is certainly not enough to make you sure if the car is, indeed, in a good condition and worth purchasing. Therefore, do a thorough check both on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. After checking the exterior and interior of the car, you should also check the condition of the engine. Do not be easily mesmerized by the appearance of a clean and glossy engine because it does not guarantee that it is in a perfect condition.

This step is considered as one of the most difficult tips on buying a secondhand car, especially for those who are not familiar with engine and automotive. If you do not know much about the engine, you can ask your friends or mechanical acquaintances to come with you, or better yet, use a professional checking

Perform a Test Drive

This is the most important thing included in the tips on buying a secondhand car. To make sure that the vehicle you are about to buy is in a normal condition, you should not hesitate to ask for a test drive. You are certainly easier to identify and feel the comfort of the car when riding it.

Check the vehicle documents

The next step that is no less important when buying a used car is checking the car documents. Ask for important certificate and other documents to check the authenticity of the car. After that, you should check whether or not the engine number printed on the vehicle matches with the original document.

Check the car insurance

The next tips on buying a secondhand car are to pay attention to the insurance of the car. Of course, it will be much better if the used car that you are going to buy has insurance. You do not need to worry about the name of the owner because it can be transferred through the process of returning the name to the insurance company that guarantees the vehicle you want to buy. Do not forget to prepare a complete sale and purchase document so that the process behind the name of the insurance can run smoothly.

Buy the car which suits your budget

If you think you want to buy a used car do the payment by credit, then it will be good that the money spent on the monthly payment is not more than 20 percent of your salary. Because, buying a used car will definitely require extra costs, such as additional maintenance, or replacement of components