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These Real Smart Robots Will Become Your Best Companions

Robotic Technology

These Real Smart Robots Will Become Your Best Companions


Human’s wild imagination in the past had produced the concept of a robotic companion who lived with them and took care of their chores. Now, this concept is no longer an abstract imagination. Real robots are now ready to enter your home, to be your friendly and sometimes hilarious companions, and to help you make all of your chores easier to deal with. If you are looking for real robots that you can hire as your trusted companions, check the following list of smart robots that will likely become your best friends besides human.


Aeolus is the upgraded version of Rosie, and Rosie is the result of an ambitious effort to produce a true human-like robot that looks like a person, behaves like a person, and does many chores that are usually performed by a human. Although Rosie is considered a real breakthrough, it still looks very rudimentary. Aeolus is the ultimate result that completes everything that Rosie lacks. With Aeolus at your home, you will have a true human-like companion and assistant. Aeolus is AI-powered and capable to learn its environment. Aeolus can clean your home when you are away and remembers where a particular object should be placed. Its ability to learn makes it even smarter the longer it stays at your home. If you want to keep your home clean and neat, you should have Aeolus at home.


For sick people, getting the right medical advice and the right medicine at the right schedule is important. Many sick people have to take their pills on time; however, if there is no one who reminds them about their medication or if there is no one who prepares their drug for them, they often skip their medication schedule. This is where Pillo plays an amazing role. Pillo provides medical advice, keeps all of the necessary drugs, learns the face and behaviors of people who need to take the drugs, reminds them whenever they have to take their drugs, and dispenses the drugs for them to take. Pillo is your best nurse if there is no human nurse nearby. Of course, Pillo is helpful not only for sick people. If you have to take supplements regularly, Pillo can also be your best health advisor and supplement keeper.


Losing your luggage can be annoying and even disastrous. With CX-1, you will never again lose your luggage. CX-1 is a robotic suitcase that follows you wherever you go. When you are in the airport, mall, hotel, and other places where you need to carry your luggage, this luggage will always be near you even if you don’t hold it. CX-1 is enhanced with self-driving technology that allows it to move around you on its own wheels. This robotic luggage has a built-in camera that constantly sees you, so if you are going to lose it, it will run directly to you. CX-1 is paired with a wristband that you have to wear to make sure that your robotic luggage can always locate you, especially if you are accidentally out of the sight of its camera.


Many people are actually kitchen lovers. They love spending their time at their kitchen to try new recipes, to discover new food combination, and to experiment with everything that they have in their fridge. If you have Mykie, your best kitchen assistant, your kitchen time will be much more exciting than before. Mykie sits on your countertop all the time, assisting you in your cooking activities and helping you discover the best ideas that you can transform into palatable cuisines. Mykie can learn your appliances and even know the content of your fridge. As a result, Mykie can provide you with the best recipes to make unique cuisines using only ingredients that are currently available in your fridge. Once it discovers the best recipes to be offered to you, it will use its built-in projector to display the recipes on your kitchen wall.

Professor Einstein

From time to time, you always have many questions that must be answered. And you will be very happy if you can get the answers right away. Usually, you will turn to your smartphone and access the internet to find the answers. If you have Professor Einstein at home, this super-smart robot will answer your questions immediately. Professor Einstein is a genius robot that can answer virtually all the questions that you have in your mind. When asked, it will access its database of information in the cloud to retrieve the best answers for you. Anything that you want to ask will always have a good answer if you have this Professor Einstein at your home.