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The Easy and Great Small Business for University Students

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The Easy and Great Small Business for University Students


Today, finding a job in a company is not easy. A degree obtained from college does not guarantee you can ease your goals. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to have an independent business that can be relied upon as your way of success.

For student scale, it should be started from a small business first. There are so many types of small business for university students that can be tried, which do not interfere with your class schedule. Some of the types of businesses we review are as follows;

Selling electric pulses

It seems that there are many students who run the business of selling these pulses, as a starting point for starting their small business. Usually, the buyers are not far from the campus environment, for example, college friends, boarding houses or neighbors.

Try not to implement a back-payment system. This is intended to avoid the risk of loss due to naughty buyers, which usually they run away or are difficult to collect after the pulses are loaded.

Printing business

This small capital business opportunity is also worth trying for students. The main reason, besides being easy to do and not disturbing the class schedule, also the capital is only a little. Only need to prepare a laptop and print tool.

This business is quite promising for those of you who live in a boarding house environment. Many students need reports or assignments in hard copy, so your print services will be in demand.

A business of writing services

This business is perfect for you students who have a hobby of writing. You don’t need big capital, because this is a service business. Capitalizing on a laptop is enough.

You can find partners who really understand, who want to give way and guide to becoming a writer. For example, being a contributor to an online site or offline media.

A business of selling food

The business for students selling food that I mean here is selling snacks. Selling snacks can really be utilized. Usually, there are some students who do not eat breakfast in the morning or are lazy to go to the canteen when the break arrives. You don’t need to be embarrassed.

Let’s just say this is an experience that can hone the soul of business and of course it is very important for your future. If you don’t believe it, please read some profiles of successful entrepreneurs today. Most of them in their young age or even while still in school in elementary school often sell.

A business of selling accessories

Being a student certainly has many friends. If you are observant, this is a good opportunity to make a profit. For example, by selling accessories. Whether it’s for kids or men. Because of course, the students who in fact are puberty teenagers, are very concerned about appearance, accessories that are always updated.

You can offer several accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, brooches or all kinds of accessories for gadgets. To offer it, you don’t need to carry all the merchandise because it will only be difficult.

Simply carry a catalog of merchandise and samples. It’s not easy, because it is certainly more practical and not troublesome.

Online shop business

The trend of buying something through the internet is increasing. Especially in urban areas. Work routines, hot weather and traffic jams encourage people to use technology to meet their needs.

Only by lying in the room while using a smartphone, you can buy whatever you want. Starting from buying clothes, stocking train tickets or even preparing a lunch menu, just enough with a few clicks.

For you students, who in fact are among the majority who are technologically literate, they should use this as a way to achieve success. Do not need big capital, only with a laptop or computer and internet data package costs, you can already start this business. You can open an online store by utilizing a free blog or by utilizing social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Currently, there are many products that can be sold on the internet. Even now almost all products can be sold on the internet, ranging from food, clothing, kitchen utensils, utensils, electronic products, IT products, and many others.

Try to choose one of the products that you are interested in. Usually, the business will be easier to succeed if it is in accordance with your passion or hobby because you will be more enthusiastic in carrying it out. If you don’t have the capital to buy products to sell, you can use a reseller and dropship system that many other online stores offer. Those are the types of small business for university students

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