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The best mobile phone 2019

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The best mobile phone 2019


Which one that becomes the best mobile phone for you in 2019? If you need the new one to replace your old mobile phone, then you might consider these several things below.

Which one better, Android or iPhone?

There is more than one operating system of mobile phone, but the two of Android and iOS is really worthy to talk. There is windows mobile phone operating system that still around, but there are only limited options for that and it makes sense for more with android or iPhone to goes forward. There are wide ranges of mobile phone that run the Android operating system with the latest version is Pie. While the

Best mobile phone list

1.      Google Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 3 and the version of Google Pixel 3 XL are the best option of a mobile phone that you should buy if you previously desire for an iPhone. The differences from both models are the larger screen and the battery in XL. These phones classified as the best camera in a smartphone and offer the most outstanding performances from their competitors. With the most premium hardware update from Google, good battery life, waterproof and wirelessly charging ability, these phones are the best in recent 2019 need to buy.

2.      Samsung S9.

Samsung has a great reputation for its mobile phone version. The latest product release from this company is Samsung S9 which remains as the most outstanding mobile and now even more affordable. This phone has everything that needs in a modern mobile phone include the head jack, fully waterproof and wireless charging. This has a better camera from previous Samsung S8 and even added dual speakers to update. It also manages the huge screen without a notch at the top screen. 

3.      LG V40 ThinQ.

This is an amazing mobile phone although this is a phone that only available in Korea and the US. This is the best ever LG’s mobile phone and nicer even with the three cameras, wireless charging, amazing sound quality and IP68. The body designed slim and light with great improvement in display over to V30. The versatility from a wide angle, the camera mode in telephoto and regular become a greater and manual option for video recording becomes the best for other phones going.

4.      Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 takes the winning design from its previous model Note 8 and comes with enhanced battery lives, build quality, larger screen and also comes with a fingerprint scanner. This is also the phone that perfect for those who are looking for the mobile phone that d have a stereo speaker, powerful cameras and the smoothest software from Samsung/.  For the price, it considered a high-end price, but the design and quality will appeal you like the best phone on going you can buy.

5.      iPhone XS.

This is the 2nd generation from notched Apple’s flagship phones and the most expensive phone. The OLED display offers the outstanding look and awesome features such as a secure Face ID unlock system that makes this phone as the most futuristic phone that Apple has released. The flawless performance and the quality of design and build probably make this phone the most desirable phone in around the world. The phone features with fast and wireless charging and improved the battery life and powerful camera make this phone as the best option for those who love Apple and iOS.

Budget saving tips when you buy a mobile phone

If you have a limited budget, you might consider the limited option when you buy the phone. How you can get the best mobile phone in an affordable budget and perhaps help you to save money when shop? Here are the best tips for you.

1.    Trade in the old phone. There are some retailers that offer an incentive to trade an old phone with their phone purchase.

2.    Determine the specific features that you need. Features in the mobile phone cost different price to a wide range phone. Decide what features that you not need will sort you with the affordable one for you. For example, if you often take photos with your mobile phone, and need more storage for a mobile phone, then larger storage will increase the cost. The mobile phone with 64GB storage will cost higher than 16GB. 

3.    Know the right time to buy. Never buy a mobile phone as immediately as the phone released out. This is a stupid thing because you will price for the highest price going. You may get the shiniest new phone that trend and popular, but the finances will not thank you. The best is, waiting for a few months and you will surprise on how the price is heavily discounted.