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Some of the Best Gaming Gadgets You Can Try in 2019

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Some of the Best Gaming Gadgets You Can Try in 2019


Gaming gadgets enhance your enjoyment greatly when you play your favorite games. The ninth generation of the video game console has yet to come, except the Nintendo Switch which many consider the part of it. Instead of waiting for its arrival, why don’t you enhance your experience of using the current gaming devices with the best gaming gadgets below?

Better Controller

If you are using the current gaming consoles, you don’t actually have to stick with the controllers included in the package. There are many enhanced controllers that you can use with your gaming console. They can be the best gaming gadgets to use because of the added features that they offer when you use them. Here are some of the better controllers that you can use with your gaming device.

  • Tactical Assault Commander Pro

Despite the versatility of PlayStation 4 for playing all game genres, playing first-person shooters and strategy games on this console—as well as its predecessor—is always a pain. Even with the PS4’s ergonomic DualShock 4 controller, you can never aim precisely when playing first-person shooters. Tactical Assault Commander Pro is designed to overcome this problem. This keyboard-like controller is paired with a mouse to allow the best precision in all FPS games. The current model is compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with the Xbox and PC-compatible models to be released soon.

  • Alienware Steam Machine

It is great to bring the versatility of a keyboard and mouse to the gaming console environment. Now, what if you do the opposite? It will surely great to play action and adventure Steam games on your PC using a high-end controller, right? Although gaming controller and joystick for PC are not new things, their technology and features are constantly enhanced. Alienware Steam Machine adopts all advanced technologies of the latest gaming controllers. It allows you not only control your PC games in a simple and ergonomic way but also make the recording of what you see on the screen and share your recordings without unsettling the game you are playing.

  • Xbox Wireless Chatpad

Can you use a game controller and a keyboard at the same time? With Xbox wireless chatpad, nothing is impossible. This gadget combines an Xbox One controller with a detachable keyboard. You can use the controller when playing your favorite games and use the keyboard to type messages, which you often do when playing Xbox One games online. If you need to use a keyboard and a controller when playing games, this gadget is certainly one of the best gaming gadgets that you must have.

Better Gaming Experience

All controllers above give you a better experience when playing games, but if you want to enjoy more immersive gaming experience, you should equip yourself with gaming gadgets that immerse you fully in your gaming environment. Here are some of the best gadgets that you should try.

  • VR Headset

A VR headset is a must-have if you want to play the game inside it instead of outside it. With a VR headset, you will not only watch the monitor and experience the game as a third person (even if you play FPS games). You will enter the game, be a part of it, and play it as a first person. Every console already has its own VR headset, with PlayStation VR for PlayStation 4 and Windows Mixed Reality VR for Xbox and PC. If you are looking for some of the most advanced models, you can try HTC Vive and Oculus headsets (Quest and Rift).

  • Gaming Seat

A gaming seat is considered crucial for hardcore gamers because they will be sitting sedentarily for a long period of time. An uncomfortable seat may cause strain and injury, but a properly designed gaming seat will become one of the best gaming gadgets to enhance your gaming experience and to prevent physical discomforts. If you are looking for an advanced model, try X Rocker gaming chairs. There are several models available and they will bring your gaming experience to the next level.

  • Audio Headset

If you cannot yet afford either VR device or gaming chair, a high-quality audio headset can still provide you with an immersive gaming experience. When it comes to buying an audio headset, there are almost limitless choices available, but if you want to buy a gadget specifically designed for gaming, there are a number of audio headset models that are considered the best gaming gadgets to deliver a better gaming experience. Some examples are GT Supsoo G800 gaming headset, HyperX Cloud Revolver S, and the PlayStation Gold.