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Six Best Strategies to Boost Your Career in 2019

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Six Best Strategies to Boost Your Career in 2019


If you want to improve in your career, you have to think and act strategically. In order to do so, you need the best strategies that help you achieve your career goals. In 2019, there are six career strategies that you can use to help you reach the top in your career.

Expand Your Social Network.

Expanding your social network will give you a significant benefit to improve your career. If your career involves frequent interactions with people, expanding your social network is a must; however, even if your career doesn’t really involve any interaction with people, you still need to expand your social network. Attending social gatherings, seminars, and other social events will help you expand your network beyond your current social circle.

If you are already comfortable with your current social bubble, step out because there are many unimaginable excitements and opportunities that you can find when you expand your social network. With social media becoming a norm nowadays, you can expand your network both electronically and through personal interactions.

Be a Good Listener and Speak Independently.

When socializing with people, be sure to be a good listener when you have to listen and not to be afraid to voice your thinking if you have to voice it. Being a good listener means many things. Firstly, it means that you know when to listen and when to speak. Cutting other people’s speech may mean a lack of decorum and may cause you to lose the potentially important message that the speaker tries to convey. Secondly, it means that you stay away from any distractions that may prevent you from fully comprehending the speech. Using your phone when you listen to someone is not only rude but also a sign that you are not a good listener.

And when it comes for you to voice your thought, don’t be afraid, even if it may contradict the conversation that you have just listened. In an office environment, a contradicting idea that is supported by sound judgment is often necessary to counterweigh executive decisions that may potentially be mistaken.

Make Challenges and Schedule Them.

You can improve in your career only if you dare to step out of your comfort bubble. Creating challenges is the best way to do that. By creating challenges, scheduling them, and trying to beat them, you will be a better professional. Make career challenges, such as better and faster job accomplishments, more leads and customers, and better achievements and financial gains. Making your own challenges even if your current career doesn’t require it is a good way to train yourself and to make yourself an excellent worker. Making challenges will also be helpful because you will be ready when true challenges that your career poses unexpectedly emerge.

Reflect and Assess.

By accomplishing challenges, you will eventually establish remarkable milestones in your career. Whenever you advance to a higher stage in your career or in your life, be sure to reflect what you have been undergoing so far to find out all mistakes that you can repair and all achievements that you can improve. Assess your performance and determine what field you can improve yourself. Your reflection and assessment will be beneficial for your career because they determine who you actually are, what you can actually accomplish, and how far you can go.

Be Volunteers.

Just because you have been assigned to one particular job position doesn’t mean you can volunteer for other jobs in and outside your company. By volunteering for projects that showcase your ability and skills, you will be more recognized. Recognition is obviously good for your career because skillful people are always sought after. Try to find projects, be they profit-oriented or charity-oriented, in which you can show your skills and competence and if you have time and energy to concentrate on them and to accomplish them, involving yourself in them is not a bad idea.

Take Some Rest.

You should take enough rest from your career. With so many challenges that you have to deal with, you will end up being a workaholic or being fed up with your busy hours, both of which are not healthy for your life and your career. Taking some rest allows you to regain physical and mental vigor, to contemplate, and to enjoy everything that you achieve from your career. Never underestimate the benefit that your restful holiday gives to you because it can be one of the most significant factors for your career success that make you an efficient and energetic professional.