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Pros and Cons of Working in a Startup Company

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Pros and Cons of Working in a Startup Company


Recently, there is a new option for job seekers – usually call fresh graduates. Young job seekers in 20s or 30s now prefer to have careers in the start-up world compared to working for large companies. Working in a startup company has many advantages, from informal work environments to rapid learning. But it also has weaknesses. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of working in a startup company.

The disadvantages of working in a startup company

Here are some advantages that you may have to face if you choose to work in a startup company:

  • There is no standardized salary and work allowance

The first challenge that fresh graduates must face when applying for a startup company is negotiating their salary with the employers. If you apply to a well-known startup company, the opportunity to get a large salary might be wide open. But essentially, salaries in startup companies will be more volatile than in developing companies. There are many possibilities if the start-up company that is considered big and well-known in recent years has suddenly become bankrupt in the coming years. It means that a career in a start-up company cannot guarantee anything. Therefore, think carefully about this before you decide to work for a long period of time in a small startup company.

  • There is no organizational structure

One of the advantages of working in the field of a startup is that there is no organizational structure that requires you to be formal to your boss. Even you can treat your boss like a friend. However, it can also turn out to be a disadvantage for you. In some cases, some start-up companies do not even have bosses. This sometimes makes fresh graduates nervous because they usually want the existence of a boss who can act as a mentor and teach them about new things.

  • Pressure to always work

You should know that most startup companies have no day off. Its performance is always monitored 24 hours a day so that most of its employees are required to always work wherever and whenever needed. You also need to always be available to be contacted either by phone, message or email about work at unexpected times such as weekends or midnight. It will not happen if you work in a developing company which has their respective schedules of a job.

  • Employees do a lot of work

If large companies have many teams such as IT, HRD, financial and marketing teams, in start-up companies, a fresh graduate is required to be able to master a lot of skills that are not really their fields.

As fresh graduates, new employees can sometimes act as salespeople who market services or goods, then do bookkeeping. In short, you cannot limit yourself to one type of work.

The advantages of working in a startup company

For some fresh graduates, working in large companies or government agencies may be something that is taken into consideration. Apart from a large salary, a good career path can be obtained if they join the companies. However, in recent years, it seems that many of the fresh graduates prefer to choose startup companies. This choice was made because startup companies offer many advantages to them.

  • You are trained a lot

Because it does not have a stable working pattern, startup companies will make you more trained to deal with new things. In addition, the small number of employees forces you to adapt to all situations.

It develops good creativity and time management

The little supervision makes you have to be ready to manage your time well. Besides, creativity is needed so that all work can be completed according to the target. You are required to think out of the box to make creative ideas or to solve any problems spontaneously.

  • Everyone is a member of the team

The relatively small number of employees makes every employee work optimally and has a high level of familiarity. Teamwork is the main key to the success of startup companies. The majority of colleagues are peers, making it easy for you to adapt.

If your friends who work in government or multinational companies have to struggle to unite chat with colleagues who are already well above their age, working at startup will be a different story. The average startup company is dominated by young people. This composition will make it easier for you to adapt to your colleagues. Not to mention the fun atmosphere of the office will make you feel at home.

Those are some pros and cons of working in a startup company that may help you in making your decision for your first career.

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