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Proper Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial HVAC Unit

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Proper Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial HVAC Unit


Owning a business throws a lot of variables your way every day.  Now that summer is on the sizzle, your next hurdle will be to fix a broken AC unit.  

Everyone knows that the air conditioning chooses the hottest day of the year to break, and you can’t have that when you’re trying to keep your business moving.  

Make one part of your job a little easier, and brush up on the knowledge needed to keep your business cool throughout the warmer months of the year.  Here is a brief look at a few proper maintenance tips for your commercial HVAC unit.  

Check and replace air filters

The most foundational service you should instill in your mind as you take on the maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is to regularly swap out the air filters.  Once a month, your business should check or change the filters in your HVAC unit to maintain peak performance.  

The filters clean the air that is blown into your space, so it’s important that they are clean.  Dirty air filters can release dust and dander into the air, and they can also place unnecessary strain on your system.  

Remove any excess debris

The natural passage of time can mean a buildup of random debris on your exterior units.  Dead leaves, grass clippings, and even pollen can clog up your unit’s ability to function.  It’s important that there is a specific effort to keep the outer units free of debris all year.  

Keep your eyes and ears alert

Keep your eyes and ear alert as you take a stroll past your HVAC units.  The smell, sound, or look of the unit may give you a tip off to avoid a bigger issue.  

If you smell something strange, have your HVAC unit serviced by professionals.  If you hear a strange and unusual sound coming from the unit, this is also a good time to get it looked at by professionals.  

Check the thermostat 

The thermostat to your HVAC unit is also important.  Make sure you can test its efficiency from time to time.  Use a manual temperature gauge to compare readings.  

A thermostat gone awry can cause an illusion of cooling problems.  Check the temperature reading for accuracy.  Otherwise, your system could spend most of its time working harder than necessary.  

Schedule routine maintenance visits

The best way to make sure your operation’s HVAC unit is in the best shape possible is to schedule regular maintenance.  

Call in the professionals at least once per year to give your system a total lookover.  Allowing professionals to keep tabs on the yearly conditions of your operation’s HVAC systems will help you know what to do and when.