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Mistakes that blogger do when they blogging

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Mistakes that blogger do when they blogging


When people start blogging often they make mistakes when blogging those they do not realize. Here are mistakes that blogger often makes when they start blogging.

Mistakes 1: You only think ideas that interest you much.

When starting blogging, the ideas will come to you. As you read and re-read the blog post after publishing it, you are not the only reader or the intended reader.

Solution: create the blog post those serve larger goals. The reason that your blogging gets out from your audience and grow your business because you not enlarge the ideas and set the goals and provide what the reader need for them. Therefore, your blog post should serve to the growth goals.

Mistakes 2: your writing is too stiff.  

Write a blog post is different than writing a term paper. The style of writing a blog post is different.

Solution: write as you talk. It is a good start to start conversational style in your writing. In fact, it can encourage your reader. More approachable your writing, more people enjoy your writing post.

Mistakes 3: the blog is not consistently

Maybe you have heard that more often you blog, there is more traffic you get for your website, and this lead to more subscriber and lead to generated from your post. However, as important with the volume, there is also crucial for blogging inconsistently as you get started blogging.  

Solution: have scheduled a post in advance or get help from the editorial calendar. Use it to get your habit to write the blog post topic and publish consistently.

Mistakes 4:  the topics are too broad.

Most of the blogger when they start their blogging, they start with the topics that go too far abroad.

Solution: start to create content that works in a specific title. Nail into real specific blog topics is important for knocking the first few posts.

Mistake 5:  the content you make, digress.

It is an important thing to be yourself in the topic that you cover but it is also another thing when bringing too up personal experience that can bury up the point that you try to make in the blog post. Do not digress to the personal anecdotes and analogies too much.

Solution: make the point when you create content again and again. To avoid your content losing the audience, restate the point in each section in the article.

Mistake 6: you do not add data for your evidence to your writing

For example, you make writing post in a blog that talks about why you should corporate Facebook Ads for marketing strategy. Add data such as “Facebook Users base is growing faster rather than other social media users in U.S. Facebook Ads also show that it has 3 times effectively to reach target customer based on demography, age, and interest”.  Arguments and claims become more compelling rooted in research and data.

Solution: use research and data for backup the claims that you make in your writing blog post.

Mistake 7:  you have content that borders with plagiarism

Plagiarism is unacceptable in blogging. Most of the blogger think that they can get easy ways to write and post their content just by copy-paste technique.  Editors and your readers usually can tell if something has been copied from somewhere else. It can be seen from the voice that suddenly does not sound like you, or with many or few words that not correct to use. In addition, if you found out that steal content from other’s people your site can be penalized from Google which means it can be big trouble for the organic growth for the company blog.

Solution: when you draw from others and then cite them. Rather than take copy-past, take few minutes for understanding how to cite content from other people onto your blog post. It is essential for you to learn this when you starting to blogging.

Mistake 8: you think that you have done to write

Most people make a mistake when they write their blog post by not editing their writing before publishing it. Although your writing sounded great to read, it still needs editing.

Solution: take your time to edit the post before publishing it.  Even a skilled and experienced writer does the editing. Our first writing draft is not all great at all. Take the time you need to shape the post and the post. Fix any typos, check to sentences, and also the accidental mistakes.  Make sure you make a story with natural flows as well you desire to create in the first outline.

Mistake 9:  you are not growing subscriber

Once you start to blogging, then it is easy to forget that create blogging is not just about to get new visitors to your blog. The biggest advantage from blogging is that it helps you to create steadily and grow the email list subscriber so you can share new blog content that you release with. Each time you post new blog post; the subscriber will give initial surge for traffic and propel the long term success. Solution: set up newsletter email and add subscription CTA to your blog. The first step, use email marketing tools for setting up welcome email for every new subscriber and add CTA’s subscription to your blog or footer of your websites to make people easier to opt in. You also can create a landing page for those direct you from other channels such as social media or pages in your website, emails or PPC