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Let’s Start and Build a Small Business and Do the Best steps

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Let’s Start and Build a Small Business and Do the Best steps


Small business is indeed booming. If you have a flexible working time, you can seek financial freedom by working while opening a small business. If you want or intend to begin an easy small business, you have not to directly start it with big cost.

You have to know the fact that you can first begin your business from something or every business which small, so you do not need to spend big or too much cost for starting it. Unfortunately, although many business people are interested in starting small businesses, few can succeed and succeed. This is because they pioneered and lived their business properly and correctly. Well, what are the 6 steps to starting a small business?

Come see 6 steps to start an easy small business:

Do an Observation

Commonly, many people have some good ideas to begin their small business but, most of them are not able to manage the business as what they expect. So, if you have been sure to have a small business, you have to ensure and check whether your business idea will be good or not by observing or doing a research in order you know that your business will success.

Then, how to know if the idea of business is good and valid or not? To know that, in your research, you may answer the research questions such as the following examples:

1. Does the idea fit the community’s need or favorite thing?

2. Who really needs your business product?

3. Is there someone or any company which provide same service or product which is offered at this time?

4. How will the business competition be?

5. How to enter your small business to a community perfectly well?

This one is known as a process of validation process to know if your idea should be continued or not. Then,  you have to be sure that the research shows a valid business in order that your time is not wasted at all.

Then, how about the product? A trick that you can do is by providing a service or in which it can be a solution for the problem of all communities. Or, match it with the need of community and also things that that they mostly like.

Make a Plan

In order that your idea of a business become true and rached well, you then should make a plan.

To make your idea become true, you should make a plan. Everything will not run well or fail if the business plan is made carelessly. It is ok if your idea has been done, you only need to modify it.

Just consider that a plan of business is a mirror or can be a teacher which will guide you to start it until success. This plan is required to do by everyone who want to begin the small business whatever your business is.

Create a Plan of Financial

To begin your small business, it does not mean that you should spend big capital. One thing that you should do is utilizing your ability as good as possible to manage the cost operation in order that you get a profit next time. Well, you can do or have a plan pf finance which is simple to arrange and manage the cost you will have.

For example, a business which matches with your capital of initial. The small business is like a fees of legal, a fees of license, insurance, tool or material, branding, phone card, research of market, and the others. Then, you can follow the fee with the cost of operation for example, cost of maintenance, fees of location rental, advertising, materials of row, wages of employee, and the others.

Determine the System of Finance

If you make a good system before starting, your small business is going to be effectively run. Then, what is the system? The system that you should manage is a system of finance for your business. You need this system of accounting because it is useful for budget management and creation, keeping the business, managing the price of product, and the others. Then, you may make a system of finance of yours or you may take a service of accountant to work with you in order that a system that you make is clear and understandable.

Specify a Business Location

The other urgent factors which will influence your new small business is the location of business. Why does it say so? Generally, if you select a location which is strategic for your business, the running of a business you have will not be influenced.

How to do it? You have many choices for it such as renting a business shop, opening a small shop or office, or it is good if you are able to build a store even small. However, a strategic and good location should be thought well. You have to think if a place or location you choose is good for your products and equipments, or many people will come to your shop or not.

The strategic place or location can accurately determine if you have chosen the right place for the business type of yours or not. Then, you need to consider to determine the location of business’ finance in which you will buy, build, or rent the place. It basically depends on the condition of your finance. So that, be sure about your possible financial condition whether it will be profitable or not.

Promote Your Business

Remember, your business will not run well or it may fail if you do not let customers know and understand the product or service you provide although your business is perfectly good.

That is why the business promotion or marketing is very important and should be done. It means that you should promote and persuade your clients or customers. You may create a plan of marketing, you should notice how they who have same business run their marketing. So that, you have a solution to determine rightly about the way which is really effective to promote/market the service or product you have.

That’s the 6 steps to start a small business. We hope this article is useful for those of you who are still confused about starting a business. Business must indeed be focused, but that does not mean you refuse to see the outside world that might be different. The key is that you are not alone, you can learn from the experiences of others so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.