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How To Win Against Price-Cutting Brands

Business Marketing

How To Win Against Price-Cutting Brands


When it comes to your competition, you want to do everything you can to get the upper hand. Brands in the same niche as you will have various price points depending on the quantity, quality and offering they have.However, it’s your choice on whether you wish to compete on the price. 

Even though it’s tricky, it’s not impossible and we have some fantastic tips in this article to help you compete effectively on the price point. Only one company can have the lowest price point, and if you match them then consumers will simply look for another way to differentiate you both. This means you will make lower margins and miss out on what could have been in terms of making your brand stronger. 

For instance, getting the Price Trakker price monitoring software UK experts are offering can help you in this matter.However,it’s also important to focus on other areas. 

We will list some powerful alternatives in this case that helps you construct more ideas instead of going for the obvious and competing on price. 



Look at the value you are offering – By offering more value or at least the perceived value,you can offer a justifiably higher price and your customers will pay the price. Always watch out for what your competitors are doing price wise but remember, if the consumer gets more out of it, they will be willing to spend more on the item. 

Match the price and offer more value –If you can match it, do so but offer even more value whether real or perceived. If it can be better quality, better fit, more sustainable materials, no matter what it is, this is a strong strategy.

Go for lesser quality and lower price –If you want, you can go for the bargain angle and mark your price lower and go for a lower quality too. This will appeal to customers looking for a bargain. 

At the end of the day, as long as you aren’t missing out on your cut of the profits, then you can try to go as low or as high as you wish. It doesn’t mean this has to be your final strategy.You can adjust depending on the way sales go and customers react. All in all, the marketing strategy is a key element despite the price. If you have a strong brand and communicate it well, your customer will be willing to meet you at the price point considering you have researched the market and customer well. 

It’s always worth installing a price monitoring software too. This way you can keep an eye on competitors whilst configuring your own strategy and discovering what works best for your company. This way, you will get the best of both worlds and be able to promote something the customer loves.