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How to Start Scooting Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

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How to Start Scooting Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle


Often, we think that the way to a healthier lifestyle is through doing rigorous exercises that often involve high-intensity workouts, heavyweights, and a lot of sweat, plus eating healthy but tasteless food. 

The thing is, to keep your body healthy, all you need is some form of exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. That equates to 2.5 hours a week and break that down for seven days, you’d only need 20 minutes a day for exercise. For many of us in our busy, hectic lifestyles, we rarely have time for a 20-minute workout, let alone the motivation to exercise after a long day. 

But then, what if you incorporated exercise as part of your daily commute? Scooting or using a scooter as a form of commuting is an excellent way to burn some fat, lose weight, and stay healthy. Here are four health benefits of riding a scooter: 

You can exercise your leg muscles. 

Using a scooter requires you to engage your muscles from your glutes, hamstring, quads, and even your core. Engaging these muscles is needed to ensure you can move forward by moving your leg and pushing the scooter forward. 

To ensure that both your legs get the same amount of attention, make sure to switch the leg you use to kick back from time to time. Scooting is an excellent form of anaerobic exercise that engages those often-forgotten tiny muscles and strengthens them, so you have proper endurance on both legs.  

It helps improve your mental health. 

The idea of running may be off-putting for a lot of people. Walking may also seem like a hassle, especially if there’s only so far you can go around your neighborhood on foot. 

However, with a scooter, you can venture out further around where you live, exploring places you couldn’t go further on foot. Just having that mental idea of exploring and that easiness of a scooter to take you around can give you mental clarity, which improves your mental health. 

It helps improve your emotional health. 

Imagine just jumping on your scooter and scooting away with your family to a park? It doesn’t take much to jump on a scooter compared to getting into a car. If you have a family and each member has a scooter, this is another way to spend quality time together. All of you can go on scooting adventures together and even have a little scooting race together. 

You can strengthen and improve your posture.  

Human beings nowadays spend more time sitting than they do walking or standing. Did you know that the human body is designed to be as mobile as possible? Unfortunately, we’re less mobile nowadays, and all that sitting from driving in our cars to sitting at our office desk, has affected our posture, too.

It’s time to get those muscles moving and scooting helps to activate the areas of our body that aids in proper posture. Scooting requires you to maintain a straight back and not slouch. You need to place your hands on the handles and maintain proper balance. 

All of these mini movements aid in improving our posture.