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How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging Business

How to Make Money Blogging


There are so many ways that you can do to earn money from your blogging.  If you have a hobby for blogging and want to work from home, then you will need to corporate right tools, information and resources to guide to ways you can earn money blogging.


How to start a blog and Money Blogging

Here are the most common ways on how to make money from your blogging and start your blogging.


  •    Blogging foundation.

The foundation from blogging is having your blogging platform, domain name, and provider for hosting, and also a theme. Here is the component break down to get understand easily.

  1. Blogging platform.  The blogging platform is software that it uses for publishing content on the internet with the blog form. There are many blogging platforms available to choose such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, and many more.
  2. Domain name and Hosting Provider. You need to buy a domain name and also the hosting services. Domain name is the internet address for your blog, for example, www.start.women.blogging.com. After that, you will need to choose a provider for hosting. When you choose the hosting company, ensure that it is reliable, effective cost, and has good customer service.
  3. Blog design. There are many providers that can help you to custom your blood design.
  4. Blog functionality. Next, after setting up for the blog, install to these must-have plugins to add functionality to your blog. You should install Yoast for SEO Plugin, WordFence for security and antivirus plugin, Askimet for SPAM Plugin, Google Analytic for traffic data, and Shareaholic for social sharing buttons.


  •    Get blog traffic

To get money from blogging, you will need readers and there are tons of approaches to generate the traffic to your blog. Here are 3 mains components that you can choose:

  1. Email marketing. With the email marketing list, you can always reach your audience. There are some email marketing providers that you can choose. There is an email marketing platform that lets you make segment list, automated actions and even create the autoresponder.
  2. SEO. The major traffic for blogging next comes from Google and this due to certain specific keywords and also phrases in a site that have been well ranked in the Search Engines. Get Search Engine traffic is free and you can take benefit from it. However, SEO is completely technical and it constantly changes so you should get familiarized with SEO.
  3. Social media. The next largest source of traffic comes from social media, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  •    Writing content for your blog.

Get awesome content for your blog is the biggest part of your blogging traffic. To make your blogging post excellent, you need to edit the post with manual or use editor or program editor.


The Money Blogging Approach


The approaches below are just examples that you can choose for a newbie blogger.

  1. Advertising income.

This is the first thing that bloggers start to get money from their blog.  This is models that have many ways neither that nor same with how magazine or newspaper offer to advertise. As your blog traffic and brand grows you will able to find an advertiser that willing to pay you to get the exposure from your audience.

  1. Affiliate income.

The affiliate incomes are other money blogging that common type. In simple, the affiliate income is a method when you linked into a product that is for sale on another site, for example in Amazon, and when someone follows the link and then end up to buy the products, this will earn you commissions in the sale. The affiliate is easy to start and sign up and if you have engaged the audience you can find that they may follow the recommendations that you create in the products.

  1. Recurring income.

The other ways to earn money from blogging is experimenting with recurring income streams. This is also called with membership programs or continuity programs. This is a way when readers in your blog pay for the regular recurring amount (usually comes in monthly or annual) to make them have access to your premium content, kind of services, include a community area, tools, coaching, or many more.

  1. Promote a business.

There are many offline/brick and mortar business that makes money indirectly from their blogs by using their blogs to promote and grows their business profile and get direct readers to build with their business.

  1. Services and products.

The other common ways for earn money from blogging is through offering service or products for customer or readers that visit the blogs.

  1. Multiple income streams.

There are some full-time bloggers that earn money from more than one way and ended with multiple income streams.