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Don’t Disturb Your Office Work If You Do A Side Job!

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Don’t Disturb Your Office Work If You Do A Side Job!


Looking for side jobs while focusing on the main career can be the best choice for those of you who want to be able to save or invest. Because relying on the salary from the office where you work is often not enough. Let alone investing, fulfilling needs is sometimes still struggling. Therefore, many employees finally try to work in another place or open their own business.

It’s not wrong to make a side job. Just like that, you need to think about the impact of your assignments in the office or the other main job.

When working part-time or open a side business, it’s a good idea to think about how to avoid disturbing work in the office. Well, the following tips and tricks reveal the secret that your business will not interfere with the tasks of the main job.

Don’t delay completing the main work such as an office work

Never postpone completing office work or other main works. Because you need more time to do 2 jobs. If you cannot complete the task on time, it is certain that other tasks will be delayed.

Take advantage of your time as efficiently as possible to complete office tasks as quickly as possible. That way, you don’t need to take office assignments home. In fact, you can do a side business while in the office because office tasks are finished.

Do your side business after office hours

Well, because you don’t procrastinate on completing office tasks in the office, you have plenty of time. You also don’t need to stress thinking about office deadlines at home.

As mentioned earlier, you can do your side business after office hours. You can also work on your side business more freely. Besides that, of course, you have enough rest time.

Look for side jobs that can be done online

If it really isn’t possible to work in another place, then try looking for a side job online. If you do have certain talents that can be sold online, try it first.

For example, for those of you who work in the field of digital and you’re good at writing, you can offer yourself to be a freelance online writer for other people or other companies.

How do you not have skills that can be sold online like that for you? You are still able to use the internet to find side jobs. You can try online business.

There are many different types of online businesses. You don’t have to be “heavy”, selling online can already be called online business. You can sell your own products or become a reseller. Come on, try it!

Focus on just one job or business

If your status is currently still an employee b, Why should you focus on just one side business? If you count the time you actually are quite a bit to work on the business. So, if you want to take a lot of work, your office work will eventually be neglected.

It’s better to focus on just one business but generates additional income regularly, right? Avoid doing a lot of effort but only once give extra income, because then it can actually be messy.

When doing business, make a business plan

If you choose to do business as your side job, then you had better make a business plan. Business plans include product preparation, business capital, market research, promotion, and marketing strategies, business objectives, and others.

With planning like this, your business will have direction. Thus, you do it even more measurable. You also know what steps you should take. Then, you can also measure where your business reaches.

Collaboration with other people

Cooperation with other people will be quite helpful, especially for you who are still working in the office. If possible, you can delegate your side efforts to others.

For example, you have enough capital, but you don’t have time to manage the business.

For example, you want to open a certain franchise. You can recruit employees to look after

the franchise. Then, if you already have a partner, your partner can be assigned to manage. Meanwhile, you are tasked with monitoring the business and thinking about its development.

Now what? Who says that looking for side jobs can’t be done by those who work full time? The most important thing is that you can share the time between assignments in your office, your side business, and don’t forget about breaks

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