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Car Tips for Winter

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Car Tips for Winter


It is pretty common to think that the winter season is the enemy of our car no matter how much we love the winter season. Your car will need extra care and maintenance when it comes to the winter season. Without extra care or maintenance, your car will not make it until the end of the winter season. Proper care and maintenance are a way to avoid any ugly accident on the road. Salted streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures, and heavy snow are the things that you and your car have to face when the winter season comes around. Therefore, to help you, we will be giving you lists of car tips for winter.

Check Out the Lighting

The first car tips for winter is for you to check out the lighting of your car. Why? Because when the winter season comes, the sun will set early which means that there will be less daylight on the road. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the lighting before the winter season comes. You can check whether the bulb is still working properly or not, if the bulb is out or in a bad shape, you can quickly change it. When you want to drive in the winter season, it is strongly suggested to remove any snow which covering the exterior light of your car. Another recommendation is that if the light somehow turned foggy or yellow, you need to replace the light immediately.

Check the Battery

The next challenge in the winter season is the car battery. For your information, car battery tends to become weak when it comes to the cold weather. If you experience car break down in summer or warm weather, you may still fix it by yourself or at least you do not need to stand outside in cold weather. However, if you experience the car break down in the winter season, you need to be prepared to wait for help in the middle of the cold parking area. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to check your car battery by conducting a volt test before the winter season comes. If the battery is weak, you can replace it immediately.

Getting an Antifreeze

This antifreeze or coolant is very important for your car. Just like the name, the antifreeze works to prevent the engine of your car to be freezing in cold temperature. Therefore, before the winter season comes, you need to check the antifreeze whether it is low or not. You also need to check whether there is a leak in your car’s engine. A leak in the engine will make the antifreeze to drain out and you definitely will not want that. There is a recommendation in using an antifreeze. You can mix water and antifreeze with the ratio of 50/50. This can result in lowering the freezing in the car’s engine.

Check the Car Tires and the Tires Pressures

One of the most important car tips for winter is to check your car tires and its pressure. Right before the winter season comes, you need to change the tires to the winter tires. Winter tires can prevent your car in slipping around when you want to turn on cold pavement. By installing the winter tires, you will be able to prevent any ugly accident. Also, you need to always or regularly check the pressure. The tires pressures can drop in an extreme way during a cold season. Low pressure on a cold road can lead to major accidents.

Defroster and Climate Control

This next step is important for your car windows. Before the winter season comes, you need to check whether the window defroster and the climate control are working perfectly. For your information, window defroster in your car is to prevent your windows from icing up. Meanwhile, the climate control will keep you feel warm in the car while you are stuck in a jam.

Get a Survival Kit

It will not kill you to prepare for the worse in the winter season. You may not know what kind of thing will happen while you are driving in the winter season. Although your car works perfectly fine, you may find yourself end up in a condition where your car is stuck in a deserted road. Therefore, you need to prepare a survival kit in your car. You can prepare a warm blanket, first-aid kit, a knife, a flashlight, jumper cables, emergency food or snacks, smartphone charger, and a shovel. With these things inside your car, you can call for help easily.