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An ultimate guide to choosing a WordPress hosting

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An ultimate guide to choosing a WordPress hosting


Do you run a new website and need WordPress hosting that meets with your requirements? When you looking in out there, are hundreds of WordPress hosting companies that provide their products and service for you. Which one that right and the ability to improve your sales and SEO? Here are things you need to know about WordPress hosting. 

Do you need a hosting site for your WordPress site?

If you run a website using WordPress.org then it needs a hosting site for your site. But if you use WordPress.com you can obtain the free domain and site without sign up for WordPress hosting. Still ask need to manage WordPress hosting or not? If you want to control the website and make it able to monetize, then yes, you need WordPress hosting site. WordPress.org allows its users to add WordPress Plugin for adding cool features and customization for the website as much as you need. 

What needs to consider for choosing WordPress hosting? 

When you need to choose your WordPress hosting you will need to pay attention to several important factors to consider. The first is speed. You need to choose the hosting that has server load time under 300ms. The second thing is the uptime. A hosting service that reliable at least must have 99 percent of availability. The third factor to consider is customer service. Good customer service will help you when you need help with WordPress hosting. Last but not least is considered on your needs. The good WordPress hosting service should meet with your business type and size. 

The web hosting options 

To figure which one WordPress hosting fits with your requirements, then you need to know the different types of best WordPress hosting you able to choose. 

  • Managed WordPress hosting. This is the premium hosting for WordPress that offers you specific bells and alarms that will keep your peace of mind. This is the best WordPress hosting for those who established sites or bloggers that not too tech-savvy and want to justify their expense. 
  • Shared WordPress hosting. This is the type of WordPress hosting that most popular and used by beginner offers to use hosting from a large shared server. This is best for use by bloggers and small businesses. 
  • Free WordPress hosting. This is the free web hosting and you can find many out there. However, most of them have some catch such as need you to put ads on your site. 
  • VPS WordPress hosting. The Virtual Private Server can combine with privacy and also control for managed hosting while it still uses the shared server. This is hosting that best for medium scale business and also blogs with high-traffic. 
  • Dedicated server WordPress hosting. This is the physical server that you will lease from the hosting provider to giving you full control of your site. This is best for websites that extremely high-traffic and blogs that employ the admin system. 

Now, with the type of WordPress hosting beyond, you can choose the one that fits with your needs. Unless you run the extremely high traffic site, then it is suggested to start your best WordPress hosting experience with managed or shared WordPress hosting.