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Advertising on Facebook


Are you interested in advertising on Facebook? Do you want to know what kind of benefits you can get if you are advertising on Facebook? If you do, then you have come to the right place. As you know, we are now live in a modern era, most of the people across the whole world are using social media. They are using social media either to express their feelings, to show people their life, or they want to advertise their business through social media. For your information, Facebook is one of the biggest online social media and has users from people all around the world. Aside from making friends, you can use Facebook to boost up your business. Through their market and advertising, you will be able to gain more profits and expand your business. If you are interested in advertising your business on Facebook but you need some tips, then keep on reading this article. We will be giving you a list of tips on how to properly advertise your business on Facebook. Let’s get started!

Getting Started

Before we go any further, you must know that Facebook advertisements are not searched ads but they are displayed ads. Meaning, people will not accidentally search your business or product because Facebook is an online social media where people connect with their friends and families. There are three things which you need to remember if you want to advertise your products on Facebook. The first one is the image, the second one is the headline, and the last one is the body. Because Facebook advertisements are displayed ads, it is very important for you to find the image of your products which will attract the customers. Then, you can begin to write some details of your products to attract more audience.

Choose High-Quality Images

As we have already stated before, Facebook users will be attracted by images first. That is why you need to use a high-quality image on each of your products. Not only your images need to be high-quality, but they also have to be popped out, unique, vibrant and have this attention-grabbing so that the users will set their eyes on your products the first time they see them.

Know Your Audience

The next tip in advertising on Facebook is by knowing your audience. In this case, you need to know the ideal age for your products, the ideal region of your products, what kind of products which the clients like, and also what kind of a free offer which you can use to capture leads. The one thing that you need to remember is that the more specific you advertise, the more clicks your ad will get.


This next tip is very important if you want to grow your business. You need to make sure that you have target keywords which will enhance the visibility of your products. By setting the right keywords, the chance of people looking and clicking at your products will get higher. You can try to use words which are related to your products as close as possible.

Set the Affordable Daily Budget

The next tip which you can follow is by setting a daily budget a few cents higher than the recommended bid. This will help you improve your ads and CTR over time. For starters, you can set the daily budget of around $10. Then, after you are sure that your campaign is profitable, you can scale up your budget.

Know the Best Time to Run Your Ads

Many Facebook users check their accounts during work hours. That is why you need to make sure that your ads are running in the best time. If you do not know when is the best time, then you can start by considering the time zone of your clients’ and the time zone of the demographic which you are targeting.

Always Improving and Repeat

The last tip which you can follow is that you must not feel disappointed if somehow your ads get disapproved. There must be a reason why Facebook does not approve of your ads. You can try to make a change to your ads and try again. You can also try by creating two different landing pages and do split test them against each other. Then, you can see which landing page nets more conversions. Testing landing pages will be helping you in making improvements so that you can improve the profit margin.

Those are the list of tips in advertising on Facebook. Try them and you will see the result.