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A Guide to Create Good-Quality About Me Page

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A Guide to Create Good-Quality About Me Page


A blog has many parts and each of them is important. One of them is the “About Me” page. This is the place where you write about yourself. Basically, you tell your visitor who you really are as well as what is your purpose when you started the blog. Unfortunately, many bloggers don’t pay too much attention to this page. The fact is, the About Me page has an important role for your blog.

The Role of About Me Page in a Blog

This is the page that your blog visitor will open if they want to know more about the blog owner. It doesn’t seem important. However, the visitor that decides to open this page to find out about the blog owner is the important visitor here.

When he/she opens this page, that means that visitor has an interest in your blog and find out that your content is useful for him/her. If you can provide good content in the About Me page that can help them to understand yourself, as a blog owner, easily, you can get a big benefit here. That visitor can feel more attached to your blog. In the end, that visitor will become your loyal visitor.

Basically, the About Me page’s role here is a page to promote yourself and blog. In this page, you write about who you are, what you do with the blog, your purpose and many more. Therefore, it is important to write good content for this page.

How to Write a Good the About Me Page?

How can we create good content for our blog’s About Me page? There are 5 important roles that you can use as the basis to write the About Me page. Here they are:

  1. Audience Description

First of all, describe who your audience is. For example, if your blog niche is Pokémon game, you can write like this, “It is a place for Pokémon lover who are looking for the latest Pokémon game news, reviews, and tips, to enjoy the game.”

You don’t need to worry if this description will make other people feel doesn’t belong to your blog. Your main purpose here is to capture and won’t let go those who have perfectly matched your audience description here. Moreover, this part also can even convert those who don’t match the description and become your loyal visitor.

  1. Value Your Reader Get

Write about what your reader will get from your blog. In the simplest words, you need to write about your main purpose when you created the blog. For example, if you have a content writing blog, you can write “we help millions of readers worldwide write good-quality content and make money out of it, by sharing our experience in content writing industry and tips and technique we’ve created.”

  1. Your Blog Credibility

Sharing your blog achievement will increase your blog credibility. A blog with high credibility will be trusted more by its reader. Moreover, your visitor will keep visiting your blog, because they find out that your content is very helpful. For this part, you could do simple things to increase your blog credibility. For example, other sites that feature your blog as one of their content. This will help you to increase your blog credibility easier.

  1. Your Passion Toward the Topic You Use for Your Blog

You may have to tell a little bit private story about yourself in order to describe your passion toward your blog’s topic. However, it is too risky to tell about this matter too blatantly. So, you need to be careful to write this part. It’s a good idea to write it in the general writing style. That way you can still give the detail about yourself and passion, without revealing too much about your personal information.

  1. Call to Action

Just like we mentioned above, the About Me page isn’t only a page to tell your visitor about your blog and what you do in your blog. This page is also a place to promote your blog. Therefore, you must include the “call to action” part on this page’s content. The easiest method is by encouraging your visitor to visit other pages in your blog or follow your social media content. This will attract more visitors.


The About Me page is one of the important parts of your blog. It is also as important as blog content or blog design. So, make sure you create the content carefully. Moreover, you also need to write it honestly. That will help you to create a blog that can attract more visitors.