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5 Tips For Moving To Singapore

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5 Tips For Moving To Singapore


So you’ve decided to make a big move to the wonderful destination of Singapore. Plenty of expats have found that moving to Singapore was one of the best decisions that they ever made, so why wouldn’t it be for you?

However, it’s important to know that Singapore is vastly different from life in the United States. It helps to know what you’re getting into before you pack your bags. Take a look at some of the best tips for making a move to the only city-island-nation in the world. 

Make Contacts Before You Arrive 

You can reduce the stress of moving significantly by planning as far in advance as possible. 

You have a much easier time settling in if you get to work before you even depart. Get to know what kind of attractions are going on and start to familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods. 

It’s helpful to plan ahead by doing everything from finding a house cleaner, to locking down a job.  It’s never too early to start preparing for your move.  

Choose The Right Neighborhood 

Where you live will play a significant role in how well you settle into living in a new place. It’s already overwhelming enough as it is being in a different country, and making friends isn’t always a simple process. It’s a good idea to live in a neighborhood with proximity to places you can socialize. Initially, it may be nerve-racking to strike up a conversation with strangers; however, over time, you’ll find that you will start to make new friends.  

Learn The Language  

Although most people in Singapore speak English, it’s a gracious gesture to make an effort by learning some of the local languages. There are plenty to choose from. The main four languages spoken are Malay Mandarin and Tamil.   

Learning three different languages fluently isn’t realistic. No one is asking you to do that. However, learning a few phrases isn’t just a better way to adapt to the culture, but it can be a fun activity to learn!

Prepare For The Weather 

Singapore has a warm climate due to its proximity to the equator. It is considerably warm most of the year. Therefore, your fashion may drastically change from the way you dress back at home. Don’t worry about bringing sweaters or scarves. Save yourself the bother of bringing too much in your luggage and only bring clothes made for warm weather. While a few light sweaters or jackets might come in handy, that’s about all you’ll need. 

Bring Your Favorite American Products 

Remember, you may not be able to find your favorite products from back at home in an entirely new country. It’s a good idea to stock up before you depart. Just make sure that they are in line with Singapore’s laws and regulations. Singapore is known for being a very strict country, so the last thing you want to do is get in trouble with the law.