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5 Futuristic Gadgets You Can Try in 2019

Gadget Technology

5 Futuristic Gadgets You Can Try in 2019


The five futuristic gadgets that you will see below will convince you that we are actually already living in the future. A few years ago, or even now actually, we never thought that technologies and human’s ingenuity could actually produce something as futuristic as those we will see here. The new gadgets you are about to see will help you solve many problems and make your life much easier and more fun in an innovative and revolutionary way. If you want to try some of the best hi-tech gadgets that are available today, check the five gadgets below.

Kohler’s Smart Toilet

What is so significant about the toilet? Well, when you sit on your toilet, that’s the most tranquil, the least busy, and the most peaceful time you rarely have. This is why many people can read a newspaper peacefully when they are emptying their bowels. With Kohler’s Smart Toilet, your most peaceful time will turn out to be the most exciting one. You no longer need to carry a newspaper because your toilet can speak to you to tell you about the current news, traffic, and weather forecast. It can even play your favorite music and bring even more peace to your peaceful time. The heated seat closes automatically and the water temperature is also adjusted automatically. You can clean your hands with the UV sanitation wand and you don’t have to worry about the foul odor because the toilet comes with a deodorizer.

Ubtech Walker Smart Home Robot

Do you remember the robotic servant that appeared in old cartoon films? Do you want to feel what it’s like to live in the Futurama world? Ubtech Walker Smart Home Robot is one of the smartest futuristic gadgets that can make your dream come true. This five-foot-tall robot will act as your robotic friend at home. It will greet you when you enter your home, it will take your briefcase and store it, and it will take your favorite beverage from the fridge and give it to you. Thanks to the artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that are used to power it, it will learn your behavior and routines so that it can give you all helps that you need. Don’t expect it to be an agile mate, though, because, at the present, it is still a slow robot. Hopefully, the new model will be faster and smarter than the current one.


If your laundry frustrates you a lot, Foldimate will become your best helper. It is one of the most-wanted futuristic gadgets that help you keep your clothes neat and tidy. With this gadget, you no longer need to iron and fold your clothes. Simply feed your crumpled shirts, T-shirts, coats, and pillowcases into this machine and it will tidy up all of your clothes in seconds. You feed your clothes on the top and you can take out the tidied clothes from the bottom drawer. With this machine, clothes smoothing and tidying will become an efficient and hassle-free task. You also no longer need to turn on your iron all the time, and that means you can cut your electricity bill significantly.

Opté Intelligent Beauty Wand

After a selfie, you often do some photoshopping to make your face appear prettier with more glow and no wrinkle and blemish on it. What if you do the photoshopping before the selfie? Is it even possible? With Opté Intelligent Beauty Wand, nothing is impossible. With this wand, you can literally photoshop your face before you take your photo. This wand includes skin serum that will “paint” your face to make it look younger and more beautiful. This smart wand is connected to the internet and will gather hundreds of skin data that it will then use to analyze your skin and to conceal blemishes and wrinkles with its serum. For women who want to appear beautiful all the time, it is certainly one of the best futuristic gadgets to have.

InuBox Automated Dog Toilet

I start this article with a futuristic toilet for you. Now I end it with a similarly futuristic toilet, except that it is now for your dog. InuBox Automated Dog Toilet is a fancy toilet that saves you from the hassle of cleaning your dog’s poop. You can let your dog do their business on it and when they finish, the toilet will flush itself. Kobler’s futuristic toilet and this toilet will become the two futuristic gadgets that help you stay away from the toilet’s typical nastiness.

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