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5 Best IoT Gadgets in 2019

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5 Best IoT Gadgets in 2019


IoT gadgets will become must-haves in the near future due to the increasing pervasiveness of the Internet of Things. Internet connection has become faster and faster. Gadgets and devices that can connect to the internet are continuously increasing in number. Soon, everything that you have, use, touch, and wear will be able to connect directly to the internet and to exploit all advantages of online presence. Internet of Things has become a norm when everything ranging from home locking system to your car system is connected to the internet for the sake of functionality expansion. Here are five best IoT gadgets that you can have now or will appear soon at the market.

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro allows you to have a door lock with many smart functionalities. The latest model of this electronic door lock is the 3rd generation model. With this electronic door lock, you don’t have to worry if you forget to lock your door when you leave your door. This smart lock knows that you are not at home and will check the lock status when you are away. It will then lock or unlock your door accordingly. This smart lock can also provide a security code to your family members so that they can unlock the door even if you are not home. It is one of the best IoT gadgets to secure your home; however, if you want to control it wirelessly through the internet, you need to buy the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge accessory, which is sold separately.

August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam is a perfect match for your August Smart Lock. August Doorbell Cam is constantly connected to the internet and allows you to see from a remote place who is standing at your doorstep so that you can decide whether to allow the person to enter your home or not. It includes a built-in motion alert system, so when something—suspicious or not—happens at your doorstep, you will be alerted through the internet and you can then take the right measure accordingly. Because it has a built-in cam, it is also capable to make a video recording. August Smart Lock Pro and August Doorbell Cam are great IoT gadgets to secure your door in a smart way.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the most reliable IoT gadgets to help you take care of your home. Amazon Echo is a voice controller that is capable to hear your speeches, to recognize your commands, and to do the necessary tasks accordingly. If you want it to play a song, it will play a song. If you want the song to have better sound, it will automatically connect to your home’s audio system. Amazon Echo is capable of making calls and sending messages by following your commands. One of the greatest features of this gadget is that it can control other smart devices that you have at your home, including smart lights, smart locks, and many more.


Since many years ago, people have always been dreaming to have an electronic pet or mate that they can interact with. Kuri makes that decades-old dream come true. Kuri can interact with you in various fun ways. When you call it, it will immediately respond with its cute voice. You can touch it, command it, and do all imaginable fun things with it. Kuri can walk around your home and has a built-in camera that captures all interesting moments at home. Today, Kuri may not be as smart as your imaginary robot, but in the near future, Kuri is expected to be smarter and, with machine learning, to be able to interact with you not only in a fun way but also in a smart one.

Footbot Air Quality Monitor

Your home is expected to be clean, comfortable, and healthy. However, you cannot always guarantee your home’s hygiene, especially because you don’t know exactly what is floating in the air. There is simply no way to tell you how polluted the air inside your home is. With Footbot Air Quality Monitor, you don’t have to worry about your home’s air purity anymore. This smart gadget will monitor your home’s air condition, detect and removes air pollution, monitor your home’s humidity level and adjust it accordingly, and ensure that the air inside your house is breathable and harmless. If you are allergic to air pollution or if you want to keep the air’s cleanliness and purity, Footbot Air Quality Monitor is one of the best IoT gadgets that you must have at home.