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5 Best Children Gadgets in 2019

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5 Best Children Gadgets in 2019


Children gadgets give your children a rare opportunity to try the best products of the latest technologies. Most of the latest gadgets are designed to improve the comfort, convenience, versatility, and functionality of most tools people use on daily basis. However, there are also a few gadgets that are specifically designed for children. If you plan to surprise your children with a hi-tech gift on their next birthday, here are five great children gadgets that you can give to them on their special days.

Vtech Products

Vtech releases a large variety of products that are specifically designed to allow children to enjoy hi-tech children gadgets. The products include Kidizoom cameras and smartwatches, KidiBuzz smartphones, and many other toys for babies and toddlers. Although those products are considered toys that are suitable only for children, the technologies used to make them are considered so advanced that they are comparable with the latest adult gadget’s technologies. Your children can enjoy 4K digital zoom with their cameras, browse the internet through their KidiBuzz’s kid-safe web browser, and do many hi-tech activities with their cute smartwatches.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is a cute little toy that will do many amazing things with your children’s curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity. This robot allows your children to learn to code in a fun and exciting way. Dash Robot is basically a robot that your children can program on their own, using coding knowledge that they can learn through the app that accompanies the robot. The robot itself is a smart one. It can record voices, speak to you and your children, roam around while avoiding a collision, and act as your children’s best companion that can play with them and their friends in many exciting ways. The accompanying app is designed like a game that allows your children to learn to code from the most basic lessons to a level where they are ready to practice real advanced coding. If you want your children to grow as productive individuals, this Dash Robot is one of the best children gadgets that your children must have.

ThinkFun Products

ThinkFun has released a variety of children gadgets and children games that give your children a simple and fun way to learn complex things. From basic learning toys like card games and brick puzzle to hi-tech toys like circuit maze and robot repair, your children will find that learning complicated things like logic, electrical circuit, and coding is actually an easy and accomplishable task. Some of the products allow your children to play with all family members and some are designed to be played alone when your children are encouraged to focus on a specific subject. With these ingenious gadgets, your children will spend their fun time not in a wasteful way, because they are actually learning something valuable when they immerse themselves in their playtime.

Kano Computer Kit

Learning and practicing coding actually requires your kids to have a computer. What if they can actually build their own computer from scratch? Kano Computer Kit is one of the best children gadgets that allow your children to learn everything about the computer from its hardware to its software. When you buy the kit, your children will get separate components that they can assemble to be a fully working computer. Once they successfully assemble their computer, they can connect the included keyboard-touchpad unit to it and start learning the software part of the kit. This part is actually a series of coding lessons that your children can learn and solve in a fun way. With this computer kit, your children will not be aware that they actually have learned something that many people learn in colleges.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

All children play the Play-Doh, the brand name of modeling compound for children to make crafts, but your children will play a different kind of the Play-Doh—the one that will become alive. Up to now, the modeling compound of the Play-Doh can be used only to make static crafts, and your children are already happy with it. However, if they know that their crafts can actually come to life, they will be amazed. Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio is a modeling kit that allows your children to scan their crafts using their iOS device and to see their creations living in the digital world. If you want to see your children playing the god game, this Play-Doh thing is definitely one of the best children gadgets to be given to them on their birthday.

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