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4 Small Business Opportunities You Can Start in 2019

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4 Small Business Opportunities You Can Start in 2019


Technologies and lifestyle are constantly changing and new trends emerge to modify or replace the old ones. Because there are always business opportunities in every new trend that emerges, there are new and unique business opportunities that you can find in this year. If you want to start small, due to budget or anything else, here are four small business opportunities that you can start in 2019.

Digital Printing Business

Digital printing business is a small business with great potential for profit. You can receive orders to print digital design on various media, from paper and fabric to plastic and ceramic, and get paid immediately. Why should you choose this career? Here are the reasons.

  1. Startup cost is fairly cheap. All tools, including dye-sublimation printer and computer, can be acquired for as low as $1000.
  2. You don’t have to be a veteran designer. There are already many computer applications and mobile apps that allow you to do DIY designing through a simple wizard-mode process.
  3. All transactions can be conducted online. You can offer your services through online marketplaces, receive orders and all needed materials (photograph, etc.) online, and get paid without having to physically meet your customers.
  4. It is a thriving business. There are many people who need your service to create gifts, giveaways, promotional products, personalized products, and personal collectibles.
  5. All materials needed for this business, including sublimation inks, transfer paper, t-shirts, mugs, etc., are widely available.


Blogging is a small business that practically everyone can do. It is not a new business because people already do it since the dawn of the internet; however, as of 2019, it is still considered a profitable business that offers reasonable yield. There are several reasons why blogging might be the right business for you.

  1. It is a fairly easy business that everyone can do. As long as you have some interest and you can put that interest in a written form, you are ready to be a blogger.
  2. It is practically cheap or free to start. All resources to start this business, including domain, hosting, and blogging platform, are either free or cheap.
  3. There are many channels to earn money from blogging, including selling your own products or services, pay-per-click campaign, affiliate marketing, website flipping, etc.
  4. If you develop your blog professionally, it can potentially become a source of passive income.
  5. You can work alone or in a team.

Cryptocurrency Business

Cryptocurrency is on the rise nowadays. It is already on the rise since almost a decade ago; however, so far the business has been mostly running underground with virtually no support or recognition from the mainstream banking industry. Lately, support to this type of currency has become more open with the government of Singapore even recognizing it as a legal means of transaction. Here are some reasons why cryptocurrency business is a profitable small business that will likely become a large one.

  1. Cryptocurrency has long been accepted as a payment method in the digital world. Now, it starts to go mainstream.
  2. You can be either an investor or a miner.
  3. Lower transaction cost if compared with credit card payment.
  4. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are attractive due to their massive popularity.
  5. By accepting cryptocurrency business, you will further learn about blockchain technology, a decentralized, transparent, and secure architecture which is expected to become the core of future digital transactions.


VR (virtual reality) and all of its siblings, including MR (mixed reality), AR (augmented reality), and XR (extended reality), have been adopted not only in the entertainment industry. You will enjoy these technologies not only for watching movies or playing games. Now, their usage is also pervasive in the business, tourism, education, and scientific fields. You can produce VR images for promotional purpose or for teaching students in the class. There are many ways to use VR in your small business. You can design a new product and present it via VR, you can offer interior design service and then show it to your clients through VR, or you can create VR images and offer them to a restaurant owner so that the latter will become your partner to create promotional media.

  • The entry into a virtual reality world is still considered so stunning that many people find it attractive for business purpose.
  • VR brings the large world into a small device. With VR, people can check the menu of a restaurant, feel its environment, and interact with everything in it without being physically there. This virtual tour is certainly good for promotion.
  • Customers can enjoy a better experience of your products and services if you present the latter using VR technology