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4 Bad Effects of Operating Gadget for Kids

Gadget Technology

4 Bad Effects of Operating Gadget for Kids


A gadget is like two sides of pennies. It brings great benefits but sometimes it gives bad effects especially for kids. A gadget needs to know to have bad effects for kids. It must be realized by the parents to minimize giving gadget for kids. In fact, many parents often let their kids touch or operate a gadget. A gadget is not always bringing positive effects for kids. Thus, it is important to be avoided. Here is the list of operating a gadget for kids.

Hampering Baby’s Brain Growth

A bad effect of gadget can be felt by kids. The effect is very serious for kids when their brain is still growing. That is why you have to minimize the duration of giving a gadget for them. Three first years of kids’ life is a critical period of time in brain growth. The brain growth ways for years become a permanent basis being a basic of all learning in the future. Receiving information and real clues around them will help a baby form a nerve channel making their brain healthy and strong. Stimulation from the screen including a tablet and smartphone will hamper a brain growth normally. It will make their brain full when it is still reached at stimulation and growing phase. The damage possibly occurs when your kids are focusing more on a screen permanently. The ability to concentrate, focus, give attention, communicate, and feel attitude will be destroyed by the usage of the gadget. An ability to interact with the others, empathy, and read one’s feeling will have a basis in a baby growth. Spending time with an interaction of screen will change brain structures permanently.

Causing Brain Disturbance at Teens

Giving a gadget for kids seems to be not a wise action. It will cause bad effects for them. That is why you have to give a time limit for operating it. A gadget is a useful object but it will be a useless object and tool if you don’t operate and use it wisely. When your kids are using it badly, they will have a brain problem at teens. The brain growth is as not as strong as a kid’s brain growth. The kid’s brain is keeping growing. A gadget will destroy it. A problem is a teens’ brain easily adapted. The experience in using a smartphone is closely related to the level of low brain material in a teenage period of time especially in cortex cingulate anterior. It is a left part of your brain that is responsibly processing emotion and a decision taker. Lack of brain problems in this area is related to the depression level and high addiction. In another part of your brain is cortex prefrontal. It is needed to manage emotion and to stay focus on your duties. The usage of a smartphone or gadget will hamper that process. The part of this brain is not fully developing and growing at the 20s. The use of a gadget will hamper it.

Getting Difficult to Socialize

Regarding the changes and bad effects of a gadget, you must keep it away from your kids. It is not surprising that the usage of a smartphone or gadget is related to a difficulty in having a friendship. For most of the teens, a gadget can be a support in any difficult situations. When you are together with unknown friends, you shouldn’t talk about it. A smartphone becomes a part of a dangerous social interaction. Many teens tend to spend their time to operate a smartphone.

Causing a Kids’ Depression

The last bad effect is causing kids’ depression. Of course, the usage of a gadget is related to a level of depression and stress higher than kids. There is a study observing and studying the usage of the gadget. It impacts the emotional level of teens and people. The kids are accustomed to going out during break time and socializing. With the operation of a gadget, they will have that time. Of course, it will destroy their mental health so that it impacts their emotional levels. It is increasing the number of suicide cases due to depression and frustration. It is better to avoid giving a gadget for kids in order to minimize those bad effects. If you want to give a gadget, you have to give a limit to the time. It is able to manage free time to play gadget. You must be wise parents in educating your kids in order that they grow in a proper period of time